WARNING Do Not Take This Gun Outside.
I've had this Airsoft Sniper rifle for about a year now, and got sick of the blue stock.
so I thought I would revamp the gun with a better more authentic look.

Step 1: How things used to be

Airsoft guns are supplied in two tone, usually  bright orange or blue.
They look pretty cheep and tacky.
<p>The stain and brush use to give it a wooden look is a brilliant idea, nice work. :)</p>
Where do you live because my Airsoft gun came pre made with black ABS and and orange tip?( I'm in he US)
I'm in Scotland. <br>You can buy black Airsoft guns here( No Orange Tip), but you have to be a member of an Airsoft Team. <br>All other users have to buy 2 tone half and half, blue or orange.
That makes sense

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