WARNING Do Not Take This Gun Outside.
I've had this Airsoft Sniper rifle for about a year now, and got sick of the blue stock.
so I thought I would revamp the gun with a better more authentic look.

Step 1: How things used to be

Picture of How things used to be
Airsoft guns are supplied in two tone, usually  bright orange or blue.
They look pretty cheep and tacky.
thing 21 year ago

The stain and brush use to give it a wooden look is a brilliant idea, nice work. :)

Samuel kos1 year ago
Where do you live because my Airsoft gun came pre made with black ABS and and orange tip?( I'm in he US)
floppyjoe (author)  Samuel kos1 year ago
I'm in Scotland.
You can buy black Airsoft guns here( No Orange Tip), but you have to be a member of an Airsoft Team.
All other users have to buy 2 tone half and half, blue or orange.
That makes sense