Picture of Airsoft Pen Grenade (CHEAP TO MAKE)
Are you tired of making airsoft grenades with Easter eggs that are overly anticipated ,and don't work or do work and only go 5 inches. I am so I made this. It cost around 2 bucks and works fairly well for the cost.
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Step 1: Get Materials

You will need airsoft bbs, cheap pen, something to take pen apart if needed, firecracker, and maybe some paper.

Step 2: Take Apart Pen

Picture of Take Apart Pen
This is simple just take apart your pen, but leave the end cap on. Keep the body, and the tip.

Step 3: Add BBs

Picture of Add BBs
Put 12 BBs or less in the pen body. (Sorry about low number of BBs but it will only hold so many.)

Step 4: Put In Firecracker

Picture of Put In Firecracker
Pun in the firecracker. If you use less than 12 then you can use the tip of the pen to hold it together better, but you have to remove it to use. Also kink the fuse so the firecracker stays in or roll a few layers of paper around it. The paper needs to be the same size as the firecracker. If you do it like this you may get lucky and get 14 BBs in it.

Step 5: Use It

Now that it is done you can use it. It has a 4-5 ft radius. It cannot be reused because the pen body blows up.