Airsoft Shotgun





Introduction: Airsoft Shotgun

Well, its not really the shot gun itself. Its actually shells that can be muzzleloaded into a paintball gun. sends 20-30 bbs down range.
I used a $20 gun from wall mart
(it may be necessary to plug the feed neck to prevent gas from escaping)

I am not liable for what you do with this

Step 1: Supplies

1) Paper
2) 1/2in. PVC
3) 1/2in. Dowel
4) Scissors
5) BBs (popcorn kernels work to and are cheaper)

Step 2: Step 1

Cut a 1"x1" piece of paper
put the paper on the end of the dowel and run it through the PVC
flatten the paper tightly to the dowel

Step 3: Step 2

Wrap the tape tightly around the paper that is on the dowel with the adhesive on the outside

then take it off and fill it with BBs (corn kernels)

Step 4: Step 3

Put a piece of paper (about 1/2"x1")over the top
leave the flaps out, this will keep the shell in the barrel
ram the shell into the barrel.
These have a relatively small payload.
Ive made some bigger ones with sillilar methods to great effect
you may want to try diffrent things.



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    The walmart where i live sells bob long's so SUCK IT

    The walmart where i live sells bob long's so SUCK IT

    lol tomtrocity and shifrin your profile pics match so perfectlyXDD

    Where can you get a 20 dollar paintball gun? Wallmart you say? I am off.

    Yeah, You can find pretty good guns at walmart, or you can search the internet

    ok guns from walmart are not good they suck but the only cost like 20 bucks and are used by noob airsofters

    i got a 30$ gun and upgraded it cause i wouldn't spend 100+ dollars on airsoft, i'd just buy a real gun

    o and by the way id like to see wat kind of actual gun u would get for $100

    over 100. and if you have a dremel you can mod anything

    u cant upgrade a $30 gun u get from walmart they're plastic