Well, its not really the shot gun itself. Its actually shells that can be muzzleloaded into a paintball gun. sends 20-30 bbs down range.
I used a $20 gun from wall mart
(it may be necessary to plug the feed neck to prevent gas from escaping)

I am not liable for what you do with this

Step 1: Supplies

1) Paper
2) 1/2in. PVC
3) 1/2in. Dowel
4) Scissors
5) BBs (popcorn kernels work to and are cheaper)

Step 2: Step 1

Cut a 1"x1" piece of paper
put the paper on the end of the dowel and run it through the PVC
flatten the paper tightly to the dowel

Step 3: Step 2

Wrap the tape tightly around the paper that is on the dowel with the adhesive on the outside

then take it off and fill it with BBs (corn kernels)

Step 4: Step 3

Put a piece of paper (about 1/2"x1")over the top
leave the flaps out, this will keep the shell in the barrel
ram the shell into the barrel.
These have a relatively small payload.
Ive made some bigger ones with sillilar methods to great effect
you may want to try diffrent things.
<p>The walmart where i live sells bob long's so SUCK IT</p>
<p>The walmart where i live sells bob long's so SUCK IT</p>
<p>lol tomtrocity and shifrin your profile pics match so perfectlyXDD</p>
Where can you get a 20 dollar paintball gun? Wallmart you say? I am off.
Yeah, You can find pretty good guns at walmart, or you can search the internet
ok guns from walmart are not good they suck but the only cost like 20 bucks and are used by noob airsofters
i got a 30$ gun and upgraded it cause i wouldn't spend 100+ dollars on airsoft, i'd just buy a real gun
o and by the way id like to see wat kind of actual gun u would get for $100
over 100. and if you have a dremel you can mod anything
u cant upgrade a $30 gun u get from walmart they're plastic
my walmart sells tippmanns
mine sells tippmans, spyders, and one type of angel.
no it doesn't angels are 1k+ guns
oh, I thought I saw one of those
mine sells tipmanns the gun mentioned in the 'ible, and wristrockets.
my wal-mart sells spyder
it seems we all have our own personal walmarts now..."mine sells tippman!" "mine sells spyder!"
well, I just noticed, I misread his question... calm down you dont need to be mean
the internet IS the answer!
(but walmart works too)
Its just a pump. It doesnt even have a ball detent.
make two cylinder like ones and slot them together
wow, a quintuple post! lol, maybe you should consolidate all of your posts into one? just a suggestion :)<br />
I find this interesting because my friend and I are always trying to inovate our tactics and one time for capture the flag we used this design... except we just balled the bb's up in toilet paper and used a small piece of scotch tape to keep it closed... it was muzzle loaded and only one shot but effective short range and on groups... <br /> <br /> the cool part is that we both had one and we were attacking a base which was a building and we opened up the windows behind the defenders just enough to fit our &quot;shotguns&quot; aka the paintball airsoft sprayer, in and fire...<br />
use waxpaper, twist the end and use in marksmen slingshot
check out my version for slingshots just search "shotgun shells"
i use that method
ive used these with strike anywhere match heads there like mini fire grenades shhot them at brick and they explode
fill them with different things like itching powder or flour and use them in airsoft wars
I hacked my pump-then-shoot-once paintball gun into a muzzleloader shotgun 'bout a year ago. I used the end piece of a hilighter as the chamber. My dad was pretty mad. Gave me a lecture on not ruining perfectly good things. The paint ball gun sucked though. This is nice, not destroying good paintball guns. Thanks, AM
My cousin showed me this trick, but the way we do it, is we first empty the paint out of the paintball, cut a small slit along the part where the 2 sides are joined, and fill with bbs. in the air, the shell will rotate to the part with the cut, and the air flow will get inside it and open it up. then the bbs will fly out like buck shot in a shotgun.
similar idea, take a small strip of paper towel, shove it down the barrel about half way,(less the better) then pur in some bb's. then shove in another tight to the first one, and fire. you can put in little cut up bits of paper, paintball guts, multipal paintballs, and even ashes for different effects. try it out
That was my idea too! I should have posted an instructable first :( But good job
thats essentially the idea bejind this. thae point of having shels is to provide a quicker way to reload. why wouldnt you want the projectiles closer to the pressure souce though?
Why don't you just take an empty paintball and fill it with BBs. It's just as fast plus can be hopper-fed for semi-automatic 200-rd capabilities (instead of muzzle loaders).
Because its near impossibke to put bbs in a paintball. If you did, however, it would probably be lumpy or not burst.
HAHAHA I got one of these for a $1 at a garage sale!
that gun suks...just saying cuz its a brass eagle goast
it may be <em>nesacary</em> to plug the feed neck to prevent gas from escaping<br/><br/>What is nesacary?<br/>
Wow. This thing works surprisingly well....just took out 4 people charging me with this lol.
You can find 50-60 dollar markers at places that sell sporting goods, a little expensive, true, but they suck in paintballing, so might as well use it for airsoft.
or u can get a 30$ one at walmart
im going to try that with my semi auto gun!

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