Picture of Airsoft Silencer
I had a look at the accessories for my airsoft rifle .
It was quite an eye opener.
A silencer and bi-pod would cost more than the rifle.
So I made my own for no cost. and it works pretty well :-)

Step 1: PVC Pipe

Picture of PVC Pipe
I cut about 6" of 1 1/4" PVC Pipe.
and smoothed the edges with sand paper.

I'm gonna come out as a party pooper to most people, but you have to be very careful "building" suppressors(silencer is a misnomer, no firearm can truly be "silenced"), even for airsoft, and especially if it is built to actually muffle the report of your airsoft replica.

The US Federal government has very strict laws regarding suppressors, so that if your "airsoft silencer" can be connected to a real firearm, and reduces its audible report by at least 1dB, it is highly illegal without the $400 Federal tax stamp. Even if it doesn't work at all, I doubt you want to get into that legal mess.

If you really your airsoft "replica"(I hate this term, just my opinion), make it a straight tube on the inside, so that it is only an inner barrel extension. If it is already so(I couldn't tell from the 'ible), or you are from a country that has more lax laws on suppressors, disregard all this!

You must by fun at parties.

Thanks for the comment, I really needed to read my 8 month old comment!

Second, go ahead, make one, then go show a federal agent. Enjoy your immense fine+federal penitentiary time.

Also, I am a BLAST at parties, so thank you for the comment.

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