Want a suppressor or an amplifier for your airsoft gun? Don't want to spend £20+ on one?
Look no further!
Whilst a professionally manufactured silencer will probably look better, they're usually nothing but an expensive barrel extension - making your own custom built DIY obviously has it's benefits.
  1. Exceptionally Inexpensive: This is a cheap build and you probably have some of what you need already.
  2. Unparalleled Effectiveness: A homemade amplifier will outperform any you can buy.
In airsoft, it is widely acknowledged that a suppressor will in fact, do little to alleviate noise, especially on AEGs. However, the addition of foam will potentially improve their noise reduction capabilities, if only by a very small amount. In this Instructable, the PVC pipe used for the body of our barrel extension will act as an amplifier, as the sound energy produced by the replica's internal components can't dissipate immediately into the surrounding environment and forces the sound to be more directional.
The transformation from amplifier to makeshift suppressor can be achieved with the insertion of additional foam pipe insulation. This is useful because you can adapt it to suit different combat situations.

Click 'Next' and in the following step I'll show you the materials and tools needed.

Please understand I will not take responsibility if you're fined or something for owning a suppressor. I know this is only a foam and it's designed for recreational (airsoft) use only, but you should check national and local laws (if applicable) before going ahead and making this yourself as it could be illegal.

Step 1: Requirements

You're going to need the following:
  • 50mm PVC Pipe
  • Foam Pipe Insulation
  • Tape Measure / Ruler / Tri - Square
  • PVC Pipe Cutter / Hacksaw
  • Electrical Tape
  • X-ACTO Knife / Knifes / Scissors
Krylon Camouflage Spray Paint
Krylon Clear Coat Spray
Pen or Marker

nice instructable! i'm going to be looking forward to making this thing. i've been looking for a good version of a homemade suppressor and i think this it.

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