Picture of Airsoft Target
Do you have no targets for your airsoft gun well you can with this one

Step 1: Meaterials

Picture of meaterials
this is what you need

.a shoe box


.and big papper
ilpug3 years ago
Ok, so this instructable needs improvement. By a lot. Just so you know, my weakest gun could go through this like it wasn't even there at a range of at least 100 feet. Actually, my cheap Wal-Mart pistol might even over-penetrate this.
well, i guess this works for some toy guns, but all of my airsoftbb would fly right through it from a distance of maybe 100 ft...
Flareboy3234 years ago
At 380 FPS My AK goes through it easily. Your best bet is to use a bag of mulch or something similar to that, or like the one guy said put a sweatshirt in the shoe box. Re-usable BBs too? EPIC WIN
kckyller4 years ago
Just like chewy said, my gun would tear through the box no questions asked, I flattened an industrial cardboard box and used that as a target, tore straight through it lol
chewy39394 years ago
My airsoft gun (200fps) goes through this box like butter. (draw better circles) but good other than the fact you must have a wimpy gun
jakerox434 years ago
yeah, kids, don't try this at over 200 fps. or too close.
i dident even have to make this to know it sucks i 100% know that my 400 fps gun will shred a shoe box heres an idea put a sweat shirt inside the box so u dont shoot thru the box and hit a $1000 painting and distroy it
i doubt anybody that plays airsoft has one-thousand dollar paintings in their home
i am 13 and i have 4,000 dollar paintings in my house =) but they were given to my mom when she worked in an art gallery in hawaii
MrHonda3005 years ago
 My cheap Crosman C-11 shreds boxes like this.
I think AZNpwnage did this one already... To make this a little neater of a target, you might want to use a compass (the ones you use in math class to make circles XD) to make the target neater. Thats what i think.
okoshima6 years ago
only good for stupidly low powered weapons, (my aug is only at 314 fps (needs work) it would shred the box with ease, you may want to state that this is for cheap guns
Didnt AZNpwnage post an instructable of this already
h0l10W (author) 6 years ago
mine is 275fps it almost goes throught
not to shabby
not to mention the fact that he did it all by himself
well done r u going to make any more?
Most Likely but I don't know what