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Introduction: Airsoft Tiger Stripe Camo

About: Hi. I'm Peter. I love airsoft. Most of my instructables are about airsoft. So if you need advice, or tips on airsoft, tell me.

This will show you how to paint an airsoft gun tiger stripe camouflage, using only paint and masking tape. This is a way to spice up those solid black guns, or make a clear gun, look awesome.

Step 1: General Info and Supplies

Please know that you probably won't want to paint your $250 airsoft gun on your first try. If you mess up, it could look bad. So please try it on a lower quality gun first unless you are positive you can do a good job.

The supplies
- Two colors of paint. (Unless you want black stripes. Then you only need one color.)
- A roll of masking or painters tape.
- A gun to paint.

Step 2: The First Coat of Paint.

We are now going to apply the first coat of paint. THIS WILL BE THE COLOR OF THE TIGER STRIPES!!! So make sure you use that color. I don't have to paint a first coat, since I want the stripes to be black (the color of my gun).

Painting tips
- Be sure to cover the orange tip on the gun, or it can be confiscated by the police.
- Shake rapidly for about a minute.
- Then spray quickly over the gun, making lines. DO NOT HOLD DOWN THE BUTTON AND JUST PAINT THE GUN IN ONE SPRAY!!! Make lines and cover the gun lightly.
- You might need to add a second coat, but I usually don't. It's just your preference.
Sorry, no pic.

Step 3: Taping the Stripes

After your first color of paint has COMPLETELY dried, apply masking tape to look like tiger stripes. Make the ends of the pieces of tape into triangles. It should look something like the picture.

Step 4: The Second Color

The second, and final color of the painting. Use the same technique as before, and paint the gun completely. Notice- this will be the main color of the gun. So choose a good one. I chose a rust-oleum painters touch oregano color. This looks very nice, and I also painted my M16 this color.

Step 5: Remove the Tape

Once you are sure your gun is dry, remove the tape. The tiger stripes should look like this. I would recommend not handling it for at least 1 and a half hours. But if you think it is dry, go for it.

Step 6: Congratulations

You have painted you airsoft gun tiger stripe camouflage! Look for my M16 and M4 camouflage Instructable coming soon.



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    My air soft gun is plastic, can I still do it?

    ive been looking through this , it looks pretty awesome but do you think it'l work for my gun?
    ive never painted my guns ( properly ) so i have no idea how to :L

    ( picture and stuff )

    cause of the orange detail im not sure if the paint will look tacky, should i clear coat it and use a primer?
    if you could reply i would be very greatfull :D

    2 replies

    Sorry for the late reply! What I would do is paint the whole gun over with a flat black first and make sure it all looks the same and then go through the camo process.

    ahaa no worries regarding timing ,
    thanks for the advice :)

    Yes it does have a good effect sometimes. I just prefer not to use it.

    I use clear coat when I hand paint guns for example, my M1 garand has clear coat. It really doesn't do a lot for spray paint though.

    Do you ever have problems with jamming any of the moving parts with the paint? How would I avoid this?

    1 reply

    Well, I have never had any problems with this, but if you want to be extra careful, then cover up anything that you think might be damaged by the paint. As I said earlier, I have never had any problems.

    isn't that a colt m IV? My friend has one like that!

    1 reply

    I don't remember what it is called, but I have a colt mk iv, and it is different. I got this gun at walmart.

    Thanks. This one was a quicky, so I didn't expect much from it, but it turned out great!

    if you can put it back together i would suggest taking your gun apart and painting the casing and putting it back together when your done so you cant mess it up in any way

    But if the paint gets in the cracks, such as the mag release button and you push it, then the paint will flake off or the button will jam.