Please Note, this is not recommended for any gun that you do not intend to break. This trick saved me lots of reloading for 200+ shots before my gun jammed and broke.

I found a cheap and simple way to turn virtually any spring airsoft pistol into an unlimited ammo machine. Unfortunately this only works on most spring airsoft pistols, but i'm working on making it work for semi-auto and full-auto. This also doesn't work on shotguns, rifles, or pretty much anything else that isn't a pistol.

12 round clip, ha, how about 200 round clip.

Here's what you'll need:
A spring airsoft pistol
BB's - about a few hundred (no you do not need to count them)
Scotch tape

* I am not responsible for anything you do with your airsoft gun *

I apologize if this jams your gun, it worked for me for a while. Please leave a comment on how to improve this method.

Step 1: Remove the Clip

Pop out the clip and set it aside. Now tip the airsoft gun upside down and pour BB's in the spot where the clip goes.
<p>haha i tried this with an old springer. it was fun</p>
<p>its gonna jamm</p>
<p>good idea astral Mage, I will try that.mHave you cinsidered putting it into an instructable?</p>
<p>Do I have to cock every time I shoot?</p>
1) get a few spare clips 4 yr gun. <br>2) get a really long spring 4 yr gun clip <br>3) pin vise drill or hand drill, with different sized drills. or u can use a battery power drill on slowest speed it can go. <br>4) get a plastic tube that'ill allow u to put the spring and bbs(perferbly bio-balls). <br>5) carefully drill a hole into the bottom. remember those spare u bought, thier there incase u make a mistake. <br>6) carefully make the hole just slightly smaller than the hole in the clip, but still allowing the bbs to go thro. <br>7) remove unneeded spring from that spare clip. <br>8) sorry if this isnt all thoughtt out. <br>9) use a bit of expoxy, please use throw away vinal gloves or other surgical type / style gloves, carefully mix ans spread the expoxy around the connection piont. <br>10) let it cure be fore u test it out. <br>11) test it out , remember to leave the retainer clip in the clip so u wont have 100 - 200 bbs coming out on u. <br>12) be safe use safety gear.u have only 2 eyes. the doctors havent figured out how to replace them yet. <br>13) if it doesnt work try again on another clip. if it does work plz give the credit where its due.
Haha yeah, now I feel dumb for posting this (it was a first and only post) I apologize if I broke any of your guns... It jammed my gun and the trigger snapped. So if any of you guys have any ideas on how to make this better I would appreciate it. Maybe something like cutting the bottom out of your clip and extending it somehow???
that breaks your gun a little bit each time . you do know that right <br>
Nice idea, but do you have a way of preventing bbs from getting stuck between the piston or barrel and slide?
my rating- 5 stars - this is instructables at its best!
Good idea if it doesn't jam your gun every time. Sadly, it's nowhere near a useful tactical option.
Not to be mean or anything, but it is just increasing the magazine size and the accuracy must not be very good either. I have done this in the past and most of the bbs went into the body of the pistol. Nice instructable though it is a good starting idea.
Cool! I'm gonna try this!

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