Picture of Airsoft W.I.C.O. mine
This is a description on how to build a very cheap and very easy to make booby trap for use in airsoft games.


It is powerfull and effectively tested in game.

This is the material you need for it:
An old fashioned Rat trap, two small screws, one longer screw and a 'screw eye' (excuse me for any language mistakes, I'm Dutch), old jeans or other strong cloth.

The tools I used:
Electric screw driver, small drill, scissors, pliers and spray paint

You also need some rope, tent pins and BB's to make it work... ;-)

Step 1: (optional) pre-drill holes

Picture of (optional) pre-drill holes
This step will make it easier to screw in the wood of the Rat trap.

These two holes are made to make the trigger. You might also want to make two small holes on the opposite side.

Look at 2nd image to see the trigger system.
gezaheng2 years ago
i am too happy its wonderful idea also its nice but whats the base material for explosive?
ShowdownVD3 years ago
Nice Design. WIsh I could use, but my budget is limited and my war is too close to try and seek out all of the parts. Maybe next time!
that's awesome kinda reminds me of the rat trap clay mores that use the same launching idea. good thinking i love it!
ilpug4 years ago
This is very nice. i am quite tempted to make one of these.
Cool idea but i have never seen a rat trap that had a piece of the wood that moved(im american, maybe they only have them where you live)

nice "ible though, short and straight to the point, i like it.
Wico (author)  airsoftbeast404 years ago
Ah, I see, I think thats the piece I call 'trigger system'? You will get over that... ;-) Thank you for your comment though.
can i make it if my trap doesnt have that?
Wico (author)  airsoftbeast404 years ago
Yes, I think so.... I don't know what type of trap you use, but most important is the clamp and the spring. The trigger system can be any.