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Introduction: Airsoft Grenade Prototype

A couple of days ago I went to an airsoft store and they showed me their Thunder B Gernade. It was super loud and I imedietly wanted to buy one but they were like $30 and I didnt want to pay that much. So it gave me an idea to make my own. This is based off a Thunder B Gernade. Remember this is just a prototype, so try this at your own risk. The gernade uses co2 instead of explosives. Rate, comment and if you have any ideas comment. And yes I did this in paint.

Step 1: What You Need

You need 2 lids (from a water bottle) 1 a little biger than the other ( the smaller one needs to be the one that fits on the water bottle), 5 small springs (got mine out of 5 mechanical pencils), a paper clip, small plastic water bottle (dosent have to be small), co2, a metal tube(or some kind of tube that can hold a co2 cartridge, dosen't have to be metal), and an inflator pin (for footballs and basket balls). You will also need a drill or a dremal, and super glue or a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Putting It Together

You need to get your lids, and the paper clip. First get the paper clip and straighten it out and loop one end around your finger and set it aside. Now drill(or poke with the inflater pin) a hole in the smaller lid in the center small enough that the inflater pin is tight, then drill a hole on the side of the lid at the top of the smaller lid on each side make sure the holes are just barley offset of the center so the pin just barley touches the the inflater pin.

Step 3: Putting It Together 2

Now get your inflator pin and put a spring on the needle part and put that in the hole of the smaller lid. Now get your super glue/hot glue gun and put four dabs of glue on the smaller lid like in the picture. Then add four dots of glue on the tops of the springs and stick them on the bigger lid (make sure it's center). Let it dry.

Step 4: The Metal Tube

The tube for the Thunder B Gernade is kindof like this, but mine has holes at the top of the tube. So basicly if you have a tube that already has a cap that screws on and a co2  cartridge fits and still has about 1 inch of room left thats great. First cut the out the bottom( the side without the lid) keep that peice. Next drill a hole in the peice that you just cut out as big as the nossel at the top of the co2. Then put it down far enough in the tube that the nossel  just barley pokes out the top. Then drill 1/8 holes about one inch from the top all the way around the tube.

Step 5: Putting Together 3

Now you need to glue the tube into the smaller lid. Glue the very top of the tube and stick it on the smaller lid. Make sure that when you put the tube in the lid the inflator pin dosent touch the co2. Also make sure that the holes that you just drilled aren't glued to the lid, make sure that they are sticking out. 

Step 6: The End

Now all you need to do is screw it onto the water bottle. To use pull pin smack top and throw. I have never tried this it is just an idea. But hopefully I will really make it soon. Enjoy if you make this show pictures and comment. 



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    this was stolen from "Thunder B" by Hakkotsu. youtube it. I own an airsoft grenade that is made just about exactly like this. "Thunder B's" have been around since before 2000


    This is a but it will detonate the second you push down the top mabye you can convert it to a landmine or a bobiey trap with a trip wyer

    1 reply

    I tried it with a couple 2 liters and made a great claymore, you should try it :D

    i hope u didnt use the metal tube to build pressure cuz if u did that could turn in to a CO2 powered shrapnel grenade

    can u use somthing else besides the inliftrater pin? and is the CO2 a 12. gram 1? and wat did u people use for the tube?

    What did you use for the metal tube?

    you could make only one hole and hot glue a straw into it and then put the ballon on the straw and hot glue that so when it inflates all the gasses will go into the ballon and explode it you could put bbs in the ballon so when it blows up the bbs go every were

    hey BYUROCKS, this does *not* explode, right? if i punctured holes in the outside bottle, the CO2 will just escape? i'm trying to rig something that will inflate a balloon for me if something is tripped, and this looks like a good idea.

    1 reply

    sorry to tell you this but it does explode sorry the holes are in the tube not the bottle you fill the bottle with flour (for flash bang) or BB's for frag. my advice is to get a plastic bottle but some vineger in it then put baking soda in the balloon and twist and put the plastic ring over the balloon and on the bottle. then  un twist the balloon and throw. hope fully it will explode.


     if you are going to make a vid about how to make it add in a test at the end