Items needed: Air soft bb's,A sink or faucet that you can make a water balloon with,and balloons (not the skinny ones! sorry i didn't get any good pictures of what you need

Step 1: Almost Half Way Done!

Next add bb's into your balloon

Step 2: Add Water 3/4 of the Way Done!

Next hook up your balloon to your sink/faucet  and add water!

Step 3: Tie It Like a Normal Ballon

Tie your balloon you are done congratulations now throw them at your friends IMPORTANT NOTE:NOT MY PROBLEM IF SOMEONE GETS HURT THIS IS DANGEROUS USE AT YOUR OWN RISK- I AM NOT TO BLAME. Thank you  

simple & effective. 4.5*
this is a water balloon. Full of airsoft Bbs. Tell me, how effective of a spread do you get? what happens if the water ruins someone electric gun? what then?<br>
fill the ballon with air instead of water. it's much better.
yea it is i made one last night cant wait to use it later <br>
I would unleash a full mag on someone if they threw a water balloon all over me and my gear.<br />
if i saw him first and he threw it it would be cool if u shot it and it burst in his face<br />
dude that would be sick !!!!!!!!1111<br>
Ooh, how original.<br /> <br /> <br /> 0* (Oh wait, I can't do that. I gives you teh .5 instead)<br />
4 stars

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