Items needed: Air soft bb's,A sink or faucet that you can make a water balloon with,and balloons (not the skinny ones! sorry i didn't get any good pictures of what you need
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Step 3: Tie it like a normal ballon

Tie your balloon you are done congratulations now throw them at your friends IMPORTANT NOTE:NOT MY PROBLEM IF SOMEONE GETS HURT THIS IS DANGEROUS USE AT YOUR OWN RISK- I AM NOT TO BLAME. Thank you  

fill the ballon with air instead of water. it's much better.

I tried this an with air it does not go that far, perhaps having some of those party poppers (little bags that pop on impact) inside. Then when you throw it, it would add weight and make the balloon explode more "grenade-like".

I don't think it is illegal.

yea it is i made one last night cant wait to use it later
nerd973 years ago
simple & effective. 4.5*
ilpug3 years ago
this is a water balloon. Full of airsoft Bbs. Tell me, how effective of a spread do you get? what happens if the water ruins someone electric gun? what then?
I would unleash a full mag on someone if they threw a water balloon all over me and my gear.
Madmace125 (author)  jdwaynes19804 years ago
if i saw him first and he threw it it would be cool if u shot it and it burst in his face
dude that would be sick !!!!!!!!1111
Ooh, how original.

0* (Oh wait, I can't do that. I gives you teh .5 instead)
Redneck24 years ago
4 stars