Picture of Airsoft gun,Paint Schemes
What is sounds like,always cool to add some style an personalization to your airsoft guns rifles and equipment.
Few different patterns here. 

Small instructable just showing a few paint schemes,and what they look like when done,more patterns will be added in the future.

Step 1: Winter camo scheme

Picture of Winter camo scheme
Cheapo Airsoft gun and a few spare clips..jpg
Painted Dark blue ink paint undercoat before gray applied..jpg
Untitled 126.jpg
Untitled 123.jpg
Simple patchwork pattern and stripe pattern in blues and greys.
For cold weather climates,in the snow & or ice and or underwater based airsofting grounds,not that i know any underwater airsoft grounds. that probably something only james bond villains have.
Where did you get the chiefs special I had on and it held a ton of ammo but I lost it
u971 (author)  Stef and Adam1 year ago
Got it from here http://www.anticsonline.co.uk/ long time ago.