Picture of Airsoft silencer
Give a general description of the Instructableis my homemade beretta 92 fs spring airsoft silencer. I would say that the total reduction is something like 30%-40%.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following materials and tools to complete this project.

a length of 1 inch or bigger diameter thin-wall pvc pipe
1x mini (12 oz) gatorade cap
1x 2L coke bottle cap
1x expo dry erase marker
a bit of pipe insulation
epoxy or some other wicked strong glue

a rounded file
a flat file
hack saw
clamp(useful for holding stuf togeather while drying and holding stuff while sawing it in half)
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Alanshkop5 months ago
No offense but if you look at a real surpressor it does not block the sights but still it looks awesome
austin12016 years ago
when I was building 1 and cut my self and had to get stitches
where did you cut yourself? once i was cutting a pop can with a razor blade and cut my left index finger. it was on the tip, and after about five mineutes it was throbing alot. this was all the night before i flew to flordia. oh boy salt water in a cut is fun.
I cut my middle finger off before ?
i cut it on my left index finger right were u bend it
now way! i was cutting bamboo with a knife and i had my hand under it and i cut it right on the joint.
one time i was prying something with my knife (i know bad idea) and it folded in on me and i put tissue on and taped it really tight and in the morning it still hadnt stopped bleeding lol
no way! I was cuting some cardboard with my leathermen and the knife blade
slipped and it sliced one of my joints on my finger and now I'm scarred there.and I'm only 9! i have more scars than my mom!
Wow Thats hilarious.
slammed all my left hand finger in a car door. new i was in trouble when i heard is click when shut. long story short cut all my fingers pretty deap and i can barley move my pinkie
hkuok1 year ago
I wonder how this works with NBB airsoft guns. I think the KJW MK1 Would be a very nice place to start.
glarive2 years ago
That's a hella project looks great, a nice coat of black paint and your set!
coolkidtn2 years ago
Yes the P311 rocks. I was in an airsoft war, and charged 2 guys. One had a shotgun and the other had an AEG. When I held up my pistol, they ran away. (They ran away because I kept pelting them in the back)
linuxkid3 years ago
You realize this is illegal unless you pay the nfa taxes, right? even having the stuff to make one, along with the intent, and not paying the tax will land you in jail for quite some time. even if it is only airsoft.
what kind of airsoft gun is that???spring or gas or electric?
It is a spring gun. My favorite "cheap" spring pistol is the Smith and Wesson 1911 from Walmart. 300 fps, 15 round mag, very durable. Super accurate.
h8864 ilpug3 years ago
mine is a stinger p311 it was $20 and is 325 fps.
ilpug h88643 years ago
Yeah, I just got a HK USP CO2 pistol from Umarex. It is seriously badass.
h8864 ilpug3 years ago
not as badass as my new r71 repeater.
I love stinger p311's i bought two in a challenge kit and so far they are a very good sidearm.
crossman stinger p311
well warrior L96 bolt action is the best
more expensive the guns were talking about are less than 50 dollars
well warrior L96 bolt action is the best
says "beretta 92 fs spring" at the top of the page
how much was it? i got a 190 fps spring for $14
i got a 325 fps spring for 15$ at BIG 5 at X-Mas. :)
its a Desert Brown Camo. Really Good reliable gun.
was it a taurus millenieum? mines 180 fps and $15. great gun
I got s 315fps spring pistol for 20$
no its the p329
What? I got a p329 for £4.90 as a garden thing (apprently my gas pistol is too powerful for plinking around). £4.90 is about $7 I think
i bought 2 for 10 pound
I thought you said it was $14
on its own it was 7 pound but i bought two for ten pound
or a p230? my neighbors getting that one, yay! now we can have fights!
I wouldn't know, it's not my gun nor instructable
omg i now somone with that but the seetrough version

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