Airsoft Target Extension





Introduction: Airsoft Target Extension

The purpose of this extention is to let the BB's go into a storage after shooting it into a target.

You have to see how to make an airsoft target first so click here

This is only a prototype of I'm trying to make so it is not perfect so please leave suggestions in the comments to make it perfect.

Step 1: Marterials

You will need a target from my earlier instrctable, tape, a razor blade (scissors), a pen or marker, a bucket around a proper size, and a funnel.

Step 2: Cutting

Trace the funnel on the bottom of the target and then cut is out.

Step 3: Taping

Now tape on the funnel onto the hole you just cut out.

Step 4: Also

If the funnel is weakly connected to the target then try taping the funnel on the inside of the target too.

Step 5: Also Also

If the BB's don't go through the funnel properly then tape up the whole inside to make is smooth.

Step 6: Attaching

Next, place the funnel onto the bucket.

Step 7: More Attaching

Then tape the bucket to the funnel if the target doesn't stay on the bucket.

Step 8: Complete!

Now you are done making it. To stop the bucket from tipping over, try putting rocks inside the bucket.



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    WalMart has that for $20, I got one, its pretty decent...

    i have that gun also :D

    i have one, had an uzi model once.. same internals.
    i 'overclocked' mine made a double long battery back for it..
    shot about alittle over double or tripple the speed and about double the power..
    it ended up dieing once not sure if it was cause of the mod i did earlier..
    but it was running on the 4x 2AA's when it died so im not sure if its worth doing.
    pretty cool mod though :P

    i made one but its different and WAY cooler!

    how? the way that this guy made it my bbs go right through @ just about 50 ft. away!

    You could also get some elmers school glue and cotton balls and glue them to the back so the bbs will bounce outta the box less often. Pretty good modification though, maybe cut the box into a downward slope into the funnel.

    Don't hate my just because my name is/was cooler than yours? :o

    flat stuffing stuff used in toy house displays