Airsoft Trip Wire Landmine





Introduction: Airsoft Trip Wire Landmine

Your in a tight battle situatoin and know your going to get ambushed, so you put one of these babys down and boom!!This uses no exploseves just a spring and some pipe.

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:
6 inches of 3/4 inch pvc pipe
3/4 inch end cap
3/4 inch 45 degree angle piece
spring (should beable to slide through pipe)
glue stick cap
little screw
fishing wire
stick (to put wire)

Tools you will need:
pocket knife or drill(i didn't have one)

Step 2: Make the Holes

First make a hole to where you want to put the nail (the shorter the better)

Then put a hole near the top to put your little screw(to keep spring from shooting out)

Step 3: Installing the Spring

Now put the end cap on your pipe(opposite of little screw)
put your glue cap on your sping (inside the pipe)

Step 4: Priming It

Put your little screw in and push down spring(i used a pen)
and put you nail threw the hole So the spring is pushed down.

Step 5: Loading

You can use just flour or just bbs or for really good effect use both!!!!!!!!

Step 6: End

Now you put your stick with the wire on it in the ground and on the other end with your nail tied to
it in the mine.You spray paint it and put leaves over it and your done.

When some one hits the wire the nail pops out and the 45 degree angle top guides the bbs (or
flour or what ever you used ) toward the person who detonated it.

It shoots bbs about 20 feet and flour about 8 feet.



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    Idk i just found it from an old airsoft gun or something

    you mean, great this rocks i'm gonna' make one.

    Good idea, but next time when taking the photos, don't use your flash. The photos should turn out a lot better.

     ya i know i was using a crappy camra but i have a hd camra now

     Macro is your friend...

    who is macro?

    Macro is a mode on your camera that allows you to take photos closer with more detail. you normally push left on the d-pad. The macro symbol is a little flower.

    I saw this on youtube and wanted to post it on here but you already had it up!
    I would spray paint it camo and put flour and bbs in it!