Hello. In this instructablle, I am going to show you how to make light, effective riot shield for use in airsoft. I began making these shields because the ones provided at my local airsoft arena are bulky an heavy (Made out of Plywood). This will not be a painted boogie board, those look like crap and don't work very well. Anyway, let's get started.

1 Large TriFold (Walmart)
500 ft of Duct Tape (Walmart)
300 ft Drywall Tape (Home Depot)
1 Large Gate Handle (Home Depot)
4 3/8 Bolts and Nuts (Home Depot)

Step 1: Taping the Board

Now we will start adding the main ingredient for this riot shields success: tape. Open up the trifold and begin adding the drywall tape to the middle section. Do not tape the two flaps down! Apply 3 layers of tape, leaving no empty space. Then, break out the duct tape, and cover the drywall tape with 1 layer of this miraculous substance. See photos for help.
Nice!!!! Now you need to cut a hole to put a piece of plexiglass so that your head doesnt need to go around the side to see. Also it would probably be good to have a little piece of the side cut out to fit you gun. Just like in halo!

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