Picture of Airsoft/Paintball Riot Shield for $25
Hello. In this instructablle, I am going to show you how to make light, effective riot shield for use in airsoft. I began making these shields because the ones provided at my local airsoft arena are bulky an heavy (Made out of Plywood). This will not be a painted boogie board, those look like crap and don't work very well. Anyway, let's get started.

1 Large TriFold (Walmart)
500 ft of Duct Tape (Walmart)
300 ft Drywall Tape (Home Depot)
1 Large Gate Handle (Home Depot)
4 3/8 Bolts and Nuts (Home Depot)
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Step 1: Taping the Board

Picture of Taping the Board
Now we will start adding the main ingredient for this riot shields success: tape. Open up the trifold and begin adding the drywall tape to the middle section. Do not tape the two flaps down! Apply 3 layers of tape, leaving no empty space. Then, break out the duct tape, and cover the drywall tape with 1 layer of this miraculous substance. See photos for help.

Step 2: Adding the Handle

Picture of Adding the Handle
Now for the hard part. A handle is crucial for the portability of a riot shield, therefore, it is logical to add a handle. First, close the flaps over the trifold. Then. position the handle on the right flap where you want it. I positioned mine slightly above the middle of the board. The, trace the outline of the handle along with the holes. Extend the bottom lines further than the actual handle. Then make one vertical line of the drywall tape covering the outline, and wrap it around the flap. Make about 3 layers, like before, and cover the outside with duct tape. Re-position the handle and mark the holes again. Punch these holes out with a pen and insert the bolts from the back of the board. Put you handle back on and tighten it down with the nuts. Now we have a handle!
See Pictures for Help
patbking1 year ago
Aron3133 years ago
Nice!!!! Now you need to cut a hole to put a piece of plexiglass so that your head doesnt need to go around the side to see. Also it would probably be good to have a little piece of the side cut out to fit you gun. Just like in halo!