Built from a small and simple amount of tools and parts,adds a new element to your airsoft/paintballing,as you can set up small minefields to protect your bunker,ruin etc.

Fun and safe to a degree,however i am not responsible for anything you do with these fun little and easy to make things,anything you undertake is your own responsibility. 

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed.

Tools Needed:

: x1 Cardboard piece, x1 SuperGlue, x1 Yogurt pot/other domed plastic pot, x1 drinkingbottle top, x2 Color of Electronic Wire, x1 Switch/Push Button, x1 Duel Battery Pack and connector,x1 Dark Colored Paint Green Black etc,x1 E-Match.

: x1 Boxcutter with razor blades,x1 Scissors,x1 Duct Tape,x1 Old Paintbrush,x1 Multimeter battery tester...
the first 2 pic need to be cleared up a bit tho.
was taken in a dark room is all,.
why use supper glue when u need to use hot glue that way your device doesnt become single use.
Could do that yeah will on my next one good idea!

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