Airsoft-Chinese-Take-Out-Box-That's-The-Size-Of-Your-Thumb..... With A Paperclip.

Picture of Airsoft-Chinese-Take-Out-Box-That's-The-Size-Of-Your-Thumb..... With A Paperclip.
Hey guys it's my 2nd day at Instructables and 3rd post! I know there are lots of air soft grenades out there, but i just felt like making this. Check out my instructable for a full-auto airsoft gun at http://www.instructables.com/id/Full_Auto_Airsoft_Gun/
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Step 1: Materials

A small box, I used one that my dog's eye drops came in, (steroids for his corneal abrasion)
a paperclip

Step 2: Step 1!

Picture of Step 1!
take the box and cut it a bit more than halfway, so you have a box with 1 open side and a box with 2. Then cut like in the picture and make a hole in the biggest flap.

Step 3: The Pin

Picture of The Pin
For the pin, just take the paper clip and bend it in a circle or square or whatever shape you want, leaving a straight line about an inch and a half long. Cut off the excess of the pin and stick it in the grenade, by taking the two small flaps and sticking them inside the "fold" of the paperclip/pin, and then stick the straight part through the hole and put the big flap where you put the little ones.

Step 4: In Action!

I have a video of it in action but my camera isn't working right now. It won't let me put the video onto the computer so you'll have to wait a little bit for that... sowwy!
CoolHat174 years ago
Sorry about your dog's condition. :(
I agree. p.s did he die?
I've had two-no, three!- corneal abrasions.

"Abrasion" is just a medical term for a scrape, same as a "laceration" means "a cut". 

"Corneal" is another form of the word "Cornea", which is the protective outer covering of the eye.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Schematic_diagram_of_the_human_eye_en.svg)

Put 'em together, and I'm guessing his dog ran through some bushes (what i did, once, with my eyes open...emphasis on the "once"!) or got into a fight with a cat, and his eye got scratched-the drops are an antibiotic and healing blend, sorta like ophthalmic (pertaining to the eyes....) Neosporin/triple antibiotic ointment/bacitracian/whatever you use in yer cuts to protect and help 'em heal.

A corneal scrape ain't comfy, but it ain't life threatenin', neither.
Thank you!
thats okay p.s. please come back too inscructables!!!!!!!!
Bilsy286 years ago
Wait, how does it work? What's the fps? And What's It Powered By?
dombeef Bilsy286 years ago
it is a grenade
no, really? (sarcasm)
whoever made this; how far do the bbs go?
wait u need to re word that better ps.How it that a grenade? please reply
Teh_Fluff (author)  music is my lfe26 years ago
I don't really know what to call it... when you throw it it kind of "rains" bb's. give me a name and I'll switch
wouldn't this do the same thing as just throwing the bb's? and you're 'ible really doesn't give any way to tell how to use it...
needs an m-80 then its an airsoft grenade
I think that would destroy the bbs
Teh_Fluff (author)  pyrokid6 years ago
and also, you can throw a box with a bit of weight better than a bunch of BB's.
Teh_Fluff (author)  pyrokid6 years ago
take out the pin and throw.
how about airsoft-Chinese-takeout-box-that's-the-size-of-your-thumb. with a paperclip.
Teh_Fluff (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
how's that? lol
Teh_Fluff (author)  EnigmaMax6 years ago
lol, why not.
airsoft catapault
Bilsy286 years ago
Another Question (sorry but its a little confusing to me) How does it "spring" out of the box?
You could tie a string to the paperclip/flaps so it would have more momentum and more accuracy.. if any
does the ring acualy work
Teh_Fluff (author)  music is my lfe26 years ago
ya, it keeps the BB's in the box