This is a guide for airsofting. I am making This because i have seen many guides that i find to be more of the backyard variety.

First off I am not claiming to be correct, or to be extremely knowledgeable on the subject, but i will be updating this instructable as i learn. also i will be updating the pictures with my own

Also this is based on the uk airsoft scene but should be good for everybody...

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Step 1: The basic rules of engagement

What is airsoft?
In short a sport/activity that involves 2 or more teams of players running around an arena Firing 6mm or 8mm 0.2-0.35g plastic balls at each other traveling at anywhere upto 350 feet per second for fully auto weapons. Most common arenas seem to be woodland but can also take place indoors, in an open environment or a combination of the three.

The rules are pretty much the same at all sites regarding hits, if you are hit by a BB (ballistic ball) anywhere on the body you are dead, although unlike paintball there is no immediate mark and is completely honor based. In short you get hit, you declare yourself dead this is known as calling your hits.

My best advice is listen to the marshalls for the rest.

Oh I wont say it doesn't hurt, although I do not recommend wearing so much clothing that you cannot feel your hits, it doesn't hurt that much.

Step 2: First things first...

Picture of First things first...
Find your local skirmish site or club, I don't think I have seen anyone say this yet.

Go and try it, most sites will have weapon hire with mask. thus you do not have to have your own equipment, and therefore if you don't like it you haven't wasted your hard earned money.

after i attended my first real skirmish (as in not backyard airsoft) I was surprised on how friendly everyone was, how helpful the staff were and how people happily answered some dumb questions from me

Listen to the marshals, Follow the rules and call your hits. the best advice I can give there

randofo5 years ago
Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!
scott86925 years ago
do you know where in the US there are airsoft games
Go online and search 'airsoft fields near (your home town)'
Where in the U.S.A. do u live?
Every wooded spot in the continental US.
okoshima (author)  scott86925 years ago
again... lol
zasxcd5 years ago
hmm that looks like my Hi Capa dragon except mines black
those are two gold and black 1911 style pistol's, okoshima is right dragon's have a split slide like this:
Yes. Those r real guns. Use airsoft
okoshima (author)  zasxcd5 years ago
think you should test your eyes... the dragon has a split slide for one... Its a pair of gold plated hi cappa's (iirc)
coolkidtn8 months ago
i have a mesh mask and goggles and it's a great combination.
yoyojoeco3 years ago
i feel your pain ya
I ma broke to. okoshima sweet guide your #2 on Google
Niesen out!!!!
okoshima (author)  Sgt Niesen2 years ago
late reply is late, thats pretty sweet.

i feel your pain on the empty wallet syndrome
same here
weaponkid1 year ago
SVD dragunov's are awesome!!!
SO4Jesus2 years ago
Does the UK have BLM land? Thats where we do our battles, so we have many miles.
okoshima (author)  SO4Jesus2 years ago
its usually done on sites that are rented for such activities, our land laws are pretty strict in england.

sorry for the slow response
Dont worry bout in. In the U.S., you can do bout anything on BLM. Trap, hunt, fish. No offense, but i think strict landlaws, such as U.K.'s, shouldnt be in the governments hands. Though the BLM were I live was closed for 4 months bcause some1 commited suicede out there. Instead of simply closing the BLM land section there, they closed every public spot of land besides the pool. So, can kinda relate to strict land laws. We couldnt trap that year bcuase of that (one of m' favorite hobbies).
okoshima (author)  SO4Jesus1 year ago
yea, our laws are completely over the top. hell, unless you are on private land with full permission you cant have a fire or set up a camp etc, you cant trap as such in the uk, fishing requires a licence and you have to put them back after, we have some areas you can go walk but thats about it. hunting is even worse. no bow hunting, if you manage to get a firearms licence good luck finding somewhere to hunt with it etc. i envy you guys in the usa. and most other countries
:), yes, i fell bad 4 people who dont live in the U.S.A. And that is strict, must suck. Do they have media restrictions?
adaweg984 years ago
okoshima (author)  adaweg984 years ago
its not free price varies from site to site. and google, find a local site and all the info will be on their website or via phone
Sgt Niesen3 years ago
I have a M4 Carbine and I live in CA so would you know of a field in the Sacramento area?
Google an airsofters Bff
FLairsoft5 years ago
well pistols in general is more of a last resort right? so why spend dover 80$ on a gas gun that you will hardly use and then buy gas and all that good stuff. not to mention that you have to make sure you don't play in cold weather either. Spring pistols should not be so frowned upon. They are cheap, reliable, but ultimatley they get the job done of being there when no one or nothing else is available. I personally love my UHC m92f Im trying not to ctricize your work either, it is a very good instructable I found that I advanced in airsoft just the way you explained it; nice job.
Co2 does work just fine in cold weather but I did say Gas I'm just going off my 6 1/2 years in airsoft
okoshima (author)  FLairsoft5 years ago
thanks, to be honest pistols are more of a backup/poser weapon, and cold weather with a gas gun really isn't that big a deal, I will be buying myself a hi-capa pistol at some point (green gas) but thats because after im done with my steyr aug it will be on the limit for fps and i will need a close quarters weapon
I am very good at airsoft as I am a 5 year vet. and am extremely skilled with pistols and have owned people with aegs gbb gnbb shotguns and snipers so am I one of those exceptional people?
MAVREV134 years ago
for a side arm would useing a eagle be better than useing a m1911 or 44.??????
okoshima (author)  MAVREV134 years ago
at the end of the day you are using a 6 or 8 mm bb, i personally have a m92f beretta, i have seen a guy dual wield desert eagles successfully (until he clotheslined himself) but i find desert eagles to be far too big to draw in a hurry (being as im a sniper my site rules state i cannot engage within 20m with my primary)

I would say try a few weapons out before deciding. you want something comfy and practical but i would recommend going for something alittle smaller
would you recamend a colt/browning m1911 handgun i know it is a hero in real life but is it vary good for useg????????????????????????
Yes get a M1911 IT'S THE BEST
im looking for a good place to by air soft im mean not cheap peices of junk any sudjestions also thanks for the advice.
Dont go for the desert eagle they look cool but they jam a lot and there huge go for this gun its a c02 powered M1911 full metal full sized Sig Sauer gas blowback
for 80 bucks its a good deal
thanks dude but my pc crashed and i dont have internet so i didnt read your comment till now, and i got a desert eagle but it is amazing no jams and its dead acurate, thanks anyway dude
JamesTB133 years ago
do you know any feilds near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I've google'd it and still got nothing. also, i'm 14, so if it's really far it's kind of difficult. BTW, i've got a Crosman Tactical R76, i think. It's an AK-74. and i really love it

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