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This is a silencer I made for my Airsoft gun. Made of two toilet paper rolls, one shortened a bit to make it the right length. Wrapped in duct tape, with bits on the rear end to make it stick to the gun (not messy bits all over the place though). Amplifies the sound of a dry fire because it's empty right now, but increases accuracy of shotgun style firing (when you cock the gun multiple times to load more BBs into the chamber). I might put paper in to make it actually silence the gun.

This does not make my gun any quieter (for now anyways). It's just for looks, I guess.


mnewton12 (author)2017-11-03

yow that is cool i need to know this

trot95 (author)2010-01-09

Look, i have been shooting guns (real and airsoft/bb) for years. There is NO piston in a spring gun UNLESS it is a sniper rifle. On a non-sniper, the spring is pulled back then released pushing a rod through the magazine chamber releasing a bb through the barrel. CO2 guns are the ONLY type of airsoft guns that can be silenced. the way to silence them is to put a gas-catcher around the outer barrel. around the gas-catcher should be outlet holes which allow the gas to move out of the gun not directly out of the barrel.

On a real gun, the silencing system is the same. The released gas is moved out the sides of the gun rather than straight out of the barrel creating reduced noise, not complete silence.

Trust me, don't fuss with silencing UNLESS you own an airsoft rifle or an airsoft gun powered by CO2. Trust me, you dont want a stupid looking gun.

sharlston (author)trot952012-03-14

dude,there is a piston in airsoft guns,any with a spring have a piston,they work the same as air rifles

sharlston (author)trot952010-07-05

in a springer pistol a spring pushes a rod through a chamber/piston to create air pressure

Strobeez (author)sharlston2012-03-14

yes, but the sound of the air pushing out is almost completely silent, the main sound is the plastic colliding inside of the gun, and the sound is not coming out of the barrel

sharlston (author)Strobeez2012-03-14

but the sound comes out of the barrel.its mainly the air behind the bb,i made a air stripper that combats this,getting a softer piston seal can make things quieter too

Molybdenum (author)trot952010-08-23

I hope that you mean supressed... any way, gas gons are the only ones that can be silenced concentionally with foam and/ or baffles. others can be silenced via overlong barrels, airbrake piston heads, quieter drivetrain parts, ect.

Aeshir (author)trot952010-07-05

Christ, don't you people know how to read? Half of the comments on this instructable are about things that I already talked about in the description. This is for looks ONLY, I was just screwing around with it. But you're still wrong about the piston issue, mine does not use a rod to push the BB out of the barrel. The piston never touches the BB. It's all air pressure.

sharlston (author)trot952010-02-19

wrong pistol springers do have a piston in them ill send u a picture if you wsnt

Jaycub (author)trot952010-02-08

What do you mean "no piston in a spring gun", every airsoft gun I've opened  uses a spring loaded piston, sometimes combined with a motor and grab-then-release gear system.

Aeshir (author)trot952010-01-09

Dumbass. Why do you think I put "this does not make my gun any quieter (for now anyways). It's just for looks, I guess" in bold letters?

trot95 (author)Aeshir2010-01-09

I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to all the other dumbasses that thought this would help silence.

LED master22 (author)2009-03-09

why would you try to silence an airsoft gun...? whats to be so secretive about

cause it looks badass

lowe (author)LED master222010-12-05

what bits make it stick to the gun. I made a cardboard one and its awefull. it slides off sometimes but really actually silents it. The accuracy is terrible with it.

Aeshir (author)lowe2010-12-05

There's duct tape on the back end.

UgniusR (author)2011-06-16

isnt a silencer used to suppress a muzzle flash of a real gun? Why would you need a silencer on an airsoft gun??

sneature (author)UgniusR2011-07-17

yes but it also pushes the sound out further so it does make it a little quieter but not drastically

lowe (author)2011-03-13

My friend has that gun. You really dont need a silencer for it

Eren S. (author)2011-03-08

I am working on one made with cell foam and electrical tape. The cell foam is alot more noise-reductive than toilet paper or pillow stuffing, but a little more expensive. Anyways, they all just cost around a buck, right?

Shadowhunter111 (author)2011-02-26

If you want to make it silence the gun, rap the toilet paper roll in toilet paper then duck tape it

Brando_Commando (author)2011-01-31

Now is that also so your accuracy is better?

Aeshir (author)Brando_Commando2011-01-31

Nope, just for looks. Doesn't affect firing in the least.

Qu33r Nach0s (author)2010-12-30

if you want to make it silenced use pillow stuffing... it makes great insulation...i made a silencer for my airsoft gun and i used pillow stuffing and its amazing

Ckeranen (author)2010-08-19

Yeah, the guy below me is right. This won't silence the gun just cause its not gas powered, but its a mock silencer anyway. Next time try using pvc it lasts longer and looks better if its spray painted. Nice homemade diy, though

dla888 (author)2009-09-19

Don't pack it with paper, the gas from your gun can't decompress.

Aeshir (author)dla8882009-09-20

Gas? It's just spring-powered. Full manual.

dla888 (author)Aeshir2009-10-11

When an airsoft gun fires (spring, gas, electric, whatever) it produces gas. A spring powered airsoft gun uses a piston to compress air and send the bb flying downrage. When the bb leaves your barrel all that piston compressed air suddenly decompresses. Basically a silencer, wheather it be on a bb rifle or an airsoft gun or a sturmgwehr 44(old german assult rifle), allows the gas to expand and ,on a real gun, cool down. Therefore if the gas is decompressed it's velocity is slowed down, and if it's velocity is slowed down that means it makes less noise when it exits the silencer. Also the purpose of a "silencer" is not to make a gun quieter, it is to make a gunshot sound like something else.

norton220 (author)2009-08-10

lol my airsoft gun came with a fake silencer and for some strange reason it just looks like you put duct tape over a plastic silencer

kctrooper (author)2009-08-02

hey same gun as me u shud post a instructable on how to make it

Bright Shadow (author)2008-08-21

hmm. I just realized that you and I have the close to the same avatars. Coincidence?

Aeshir (author)Bright Shadow2008-08-22

Lol. I'd give you a high-res version of my avatar, but I'd like to preserve my online identity. Instead, you can have this (tell me if you want a better looking version). Yes, that is Kirby in a MJOLNIR Mark V suit from Halo 1.

bighead5454 (author)Aeshir2009-07-21

oh i always thought that was a cow head

Bright Shadow (author)Aeshir2008-08-24

Meh. I was just commenting on the irony of it, but I'll change my avatar. Sweet halo armor on Kirby, though

astroidbelts (author)2009-04-08

OK, so.... do any of you realize that the reason an airsoft gun makes noise is because of the piston hitting the end of the cylinder... which means all the noise you hear is not coming out of the muzzle of the gun (expanding gas), but the solid parts of the gun... e.g. the hand grip, gearbox, clip, spring, etc. airsoft silencers can look look, but don't expenct any silencing... sorry

airmaster12 (author)2009-02-17

Well if you take pvc pipe and put a pen body in the pvc and put cotton

AllGhilliedUp168 (author)2008-11-09

try making one out of a black film canister, cotton balls, pen tube, toilet paper cardboard tube made less wide, and PVC pipe it doesnt work for AEGs but it works great on spring guns u can barely hear it, i have one on my Desert Eagle .44

can u send me the instructions or if u all ready made an instructable to make an airsoft silencer for my P230 and P226 pistols please

kaos863 (author)2009-01-04

i made one for my smith and wesson and i acidently glued the silencer to the cocking mechanism

Aeshir (author)kaos8632009-01-04

LOL you're not supposed to glue anything. Duct tape works fine.

xZCodmaNZx (author)2008-11-15

you are randome!!?????!?!?!?!??!!!!!!??????!!!?

chicks dig me (author)xZCodmaNZx2008-11-17




fireFEIND67 (author)2008-10-21

post a TUT PLEASE it looks so sick :D

Aeshir (author)fireFEIND672008-10-26

It's basically two toilet paper tubes taped together. There's adequete instructions in the decription already anyways.

nerfer192 (author)2008-09-04

sick pistol dude

chanchanman (author)nerfer1922008-10-18

Thats a horrible gun my mini p 12 is a lot better and it cost 8 dollars. WHAT SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nerfer192 (author)chanchanman2008-10-19


airsoftmaster191 (author)2008-08-17

how do i make it(cause it looks cool) and where do i go to do that? its awsome. i dont care if i misspelled anything.

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