Airsoft: Pen Gun





Introduction: Airsoft: Pen Gun

This a simple cool little pen that will shoot airsoft pellets and spit balls. It is not that powerful but is great for close range, miny battles or in class rooms. ( I suggest not classrooms, you will probley get it taken away)

P.S it does sting a little if shot directaly at skin!

Step 1: Materials

All you need are some simple house hold materials,

-2 bic click pens


-Airsoft Pellets

-Tape ( best if you use electrical or duct tape)

(-This should only cost you 3-5 dollars, if you don't have them)

Step 2: Take Apart the Pens

-You need to take apart the 2 bic click pen (see picture)

Step 3: Makeing the Gun

- Take the 2 spring form the seperated pens and place them on one of the ink tubes.(see picture 1)

-Now take the small top part of the pen where the metal pen tip would go though and cut it 1/4 from the top. ( see picture 2 )

-Put the small piece you just cut into one of the sides of the pen barrel. (see picture 3)

-Now insert the ink tube w/ the two springs on it backwards into the pen barrel, the clear part of the ink tube shoud stick out the end. (if not push it down with a skrewdriver.) ( see pictures 4 and 5)

- take a thin strip of tape and wrap it around the clear tube that is stiicking out of the pen barrel. ( look at picture 6)

-It should now look like picture 6

Step 4: Shooting the Gun

-Insert a your ammo into the wide open part of the pen barrel and then pull back on the tape let go and your ammo should come flying out the end you put it in.

-Hope you enjoyed it
-leave a comment/ suggestions



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    Good job. This is actually a very decent pen gun.

    I improved it by having 2 barrels connected to the same spring, and the barrels were wider. the result? a double-shot weapon that can use pretty much anything on hand. I also made it black so it isn't seen in my backpack.

    Just wait till a few kids in my 1st class get bloody noses! Lol jk

    It goes pretty far in a classroom

     makeing is spelled making

    genuis idea not to get caught in school\at the office. Make barrel NOT CLEAR and take the poy thing out and put it on the other end withhe springs, so it looks lie a normal pen, but you can shoot it.

    well, i like it, but why does the ammo slip out its ends?