Introduction: Airsofting

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Someone else posted something like this,but it didn't cover everything.This will not cover the basics, such as shooting, for that, see the other instructable.

Step 1: Aquire the Stuff

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To airsoft,you need a gun,I recomend Desert Eagle for beginners then you can move into the more fancy guns or vice-verca.You dont need any armor(except eyewear)unless you're playing aginst people with high fps(feet per second)guns,OUCH!

You also need a fort for two reasons:
(1)If its camo, you can give your enemys a BIG suprise attack

(2)a retreat area. I have a trench in my backyard and its great!I recomend one.

Step 2: Practice

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Now that you found the gun for you,shoot at a paper target(paper works because not all guns have the same power),the more sucessful hits the better.

Step 3: Playing

I reccomend some annoying kids with dollar guns for beginners. Here are some rules(or just the golden one):If you're hit it's not like paintball where you can see the splat,the bbs bounce off so there is a honesty rule.If you're hit,raise your hands and yell"Hit" and sit down off of the battlefield.

Step 4: Cheating

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NO one follows the rules all the time,here's some food for thought.Rip off the red paper on firecrackers and use the little bombs as distractions or use smoke bombs(HOW TO-search smoke bombs in explore box)BE CREATIVE!

Step 5: Saftey

This is a new step because people asked me to.

1)Always wear eyewear

2)'NEVER' take guns out in public, you will be reported and arrested

3)THINK before you shoot,
maybe you might shoot a car and cause an accident remember kids: THINK ABOUT SAFTEY


AdamC4 (author)2014-11-16

Hey Guys!

I recently got into airosoft and love it. I recently got a Whisper Silent Cat and it's great. If you want to check out some reviews I found , It helped me narrow my choices.


littl3d00d (author)2014-11-04

This is a very week explanation of airsoft. You should have went into deeper explanation of this sport and the difference things and steps. You did cover the Main Points though.

I Don't think you should have put cheating as on of your topics, a lot of fields allow firecrackers to be used as a distraction. It seems like your telling people to cheat then your telling people to call there hits.

You also said that you should never take the Guns out in public because you will be reported and arrested. I thought this was true when i was younger. But, ever since I've gotten older i know that its not true. When, you take your gun out in public you need to make sure you don't point the barrel at anyone. You keep it in the Air or point at the ground. You won't be arrested, the police cannot arrest you for just having it out. You would have to do something Illegal for them to have a reason to arrest you. Most Officers of the Law actually play Airsoft and they are more fascinated with the Rifle then they are with you just having it out.

fancypants23 (author)2014-10-09

for a first gun recommendation a desert eagle would be last on my list. i recommend buying an electric m4 with a metal gear box that costs at least 200 bucks. Why?:
1. you wont have to buy a new gun, you can easily modify/upgrade externals and internals on a standard m4.
2.if you have a metal gear box, you dont need a new gun to updrade to higher fps and rps, just get a lipo battery for 40 dollars. much cheaper than a new gun.
3. if it costs at least 200 bucks it will last forever, and in the long run be cheaper than a low end gun you have to fix or replace constantly. plus if you ever get into airsofting you will need a high end gun so why not start out with something decent you can upgrade later?
4. lastly a desert eagle is a side arm. even if it is propane and has a high cap mag, it is not accurate and holds very few rounds. if you intend to actually airsoft rather than fool around in your backyard you need at least the barrel length of an smg and mag than can hold over 200 rounds.

receiver545 (author)2007-10-20

its not illegal!in my town we have teams that move through the traing course town playing airsoft with the swat team !! you dont even need a lisense !

maveric__fil (author)receiver5452012-11-19

i dont think you need a license to own a airsoft gun anyway

Rishnai (author)2008-03-29

From target shooting with my pellet gun in my backyard: use a paper target for sure, a lead pellet going about 500 fps will NOT leave a noticeable mark on corrugated cardboard from more than about 10 feet. Maybe a little more if you hit perfectly square. An airsoft pellet, therefore, will definitely not mark cardboard. Also, be sure of what is behind your target. You need airpace to allow the airsoft BB to get though, then a soft surface like a dirt hill or a thick blanket over your fence to catch it. Of course, this is if you're practicing in your back yard. If you are on some sort of professional range, they've taken care of it.

maveric__fil (author)Rishnai2012-11-19

you know, 500 fps is the legal limit for airsoft guns, soooooo im pretty sure a 500 fps gun can punch through carboard

hunter1125 (author)Rishnai2011-07-15

A 200 fps airsoft gun could at least dent or get stuck into cardboard.

qwertyman10 (author)Rishnai2010-02-24

Yeah, going what everyone else said, i have an echo 1 SCAR that gets 400 fps and it can go through and out the other side of a double thick washing machine box.

oniman7 (author)Rishnai2008-08-22

My 400 FPS airsoft pistol can shoot through 5 layers of cardboard at 30 feet. I have two put like 5 boxes inside of each other to catch the bb's

natethegreat88 (author)oniman72009-05-07

Were did you get that airsoft gun and how much was it?

oniman7 (author)natethegreat882009-05-07

It was $40 at Wal Mart

kalzan (author)oniman72009-12-18

what was it called

oniman7 (author)kalzan2009-12-18

 Crossman Airmag C11

airsofter123 (author)oniman72009-08-19

what walmart

Rishnai (author)oniman72008-08-23

I'd like to see a video of that. Five layers of corrugated is likely stronger than human flesh, and yet airsoft is meant to leave welts, not wounds.

oniman7 (author)Rishnai2008-08-24

I'm sorry. I didn't notice you had said corrugated. Although the online definitions oint to it being more resilient, it seems like standard shipping box type stuff. (yes I had to look it up, do with that what you will ). Also, when I first got the gun, my dad was helping me with shooting it and all that ( handung expert in the navy ) and when I bent over to retrieve the ammo, he shot me in the butt. That left not a welt, but literally a crater. It was raised up around where the bb had hit with an indentation in the middle. Also, what size are the pellets. Maybe if they are larger, it disperses the power more evenly, making it harder to go through.

Rishnai (author)oniman72008-08-24

Ouch! I've never managed to get shot with my gun, but I'm not sure I'd want to. It'd probably be quite unpleasant at that sort of range. Private airsoft facilities tend to frown on 400+ fps in all situations except longrange. I suspect thats because of the "crater effect."

jmanjman (author)Rishnai2009-07-20

WTH? what are you talking about? my friend shot thru his wall with a bb gun.

elarmin (author)Rishnai2009-03-19

ok u no what my old airsoft gun shot 170 fps and stuck right in carboard so shut up

wraith39 (author)Rishnai2009-03-11

Huh, that's funny, I got shot from about 15 feet away with a gun shooting 350fps and it broke skin. I used to hunt squirrels with my daisy 880 using lead pellets shooting not much harder than 500fps. I have shredded pop cans with my airsoft guns. One airsoft bb may not penetrate thick corrugated cardboard, but when you are shooting in bursts, you will punch through.

Landon Sullivan (author)Rishnai2008-04-17

Okay...that airsoft gun sucks. And the lead pellet is going 50fps, not 500. either that, or it will not leave a noticable mark because of speed and penetration power. either that, or 5-foot thick cardboard.

Rishnai (author)Landon Sullivan2008-05-23

My theory is that it is easier for it to richochet than to break the surface of the cardboard, which explains why a square hit penetrates but a slightly skewed one will not. And according to the table that came with the gun listing various pressures to shoot it at and how fast that will propel the pellet, it is roughly 500 fps.

i agree

Aron313 (author)2012-02-29

Nice! Covered everything! :D

berkut47 (author)2010-01-22

Backyard airsoft of any kind is bad, it gives airsoft a bad name and image. Airsoft should only be played on a designated field out side of city limits.

Aron313 (author)berkut472012-02-29

I have 5 acres with bunkers everywhere. Better then most courses! I dont know what your talking about?!

SO4Jesus (author)berkut472012-01-27

Is backyard airsoft bad when your closes backyard neighbors live a mile away?

1spartan95 (author)berkut472010-05-12

Backyard airsoft is the best kind of airsoft! If there was no backyard airsoft, many of us would not be airsofters. You and your buddies make the rules, take breaks whenever you want between games. Thats why I love backyard airsoft, you make your base however you want. You can use homemade traps, homemade grenades, play bayonet kills if you want, however you wanna play!

MrMadmonkey4 (author)1spartan952011-01-02

yea i like it to mostly because you make the rules and can use homemade grenades and crap!

festigio369 (author)2007-08-30

it's not illegal to take airost guns out in public. just that people may think they're real.

theslayer08 (author)festigio3692008-07-03

I did a ride along with some cops and they got a call about a couple of kids with guns walking down the street. They totally didnt care and just said, "Hey lets just give them a break, they're being good americans". Lol i thought that was hillarious

I love america <3

SO4Jesus (author)corey_caffeine2012-01-27

You have to love the U.S.A. If you dont.... Go live in a communist nation and see if you cry or not. My teacher's freind went to China (communist) and came back, deascribing it as.... Let's leave it at that, in school.

that is hilarious our country is beast

lenon1001 (author)festigio3692007-09-25

It's not illegal but you will probably have to pay an expensive fine.

if its legal then why do get fined???

Because the United States Government is slightly out of whack.

kibbler (author)CapnTac2009-03-08

Slightly? That is the understatement of the century!

corey_caffeine (author)kibbler2009-07-05


as long as obama is in office the government is wacked

yeah i know (author)festigio3692010-01-20

Yeah it is. Well, you can't play or have them loaded in public...

alovon (author)festigio3692009-03-03

Yeah... Most people will not be able to tell airsoft guns (Good one's) from real guns... Gee, the orange tip is definately not a dead giveaway... But yes if the police are called you will be "talked to" and then told to keep the guns concealed until you reach your playing field.

kjjohn (author)alovon2009-07-29

i believe it is illegal to show airsoft guns in public, but you can carry them in gun bags in public. i dont think you'll get arrested, but I wouldn't risk it.

Rishnai (author)festigio3692008-03-29

Unless you live in a small town and are on very good terms with the cops, don't chance it. People, as evidenced by the Boston bomb scare, are idiots, and will call the cops on you even if it's not technically illegal. A police visit will ruin your day.

taegin (author)festigio3692007-12-28

In my area it is illegal so it just depends where you live.

whiteyyyyy (author)festigio3692007-11-17

no, its illegal to brandish a airsoft gun in a public place. its also a misdemeanor to pretend it a real gun an use it again someone except in self defense.

SO4Jesus (author)2012-01-27

My airsoft team has dug trenches near our fort for defense. The dude that made this is right, trenches help a lot.

nehi (author)2011-08-27

You have to be careful with black cats and smoke bomb and stuff like that. You could accidentally hit someone who's camouflaged and it could seriously hurt them.

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