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Here is the instructable that I promised to make if my goal was achieved. It is a bit difficult to make due to the fact that it is round and you are drilling on it and it is simple to use.

Step 1: Part one materials and moveing them to workplace

Picture of Part one materials and moveing them to workplace
Gather your materials and take them to your work place. You will need a toilet paper holder (it does not matter if it is metal like mine or if it is plastic) that comes apart into two pieces with a spring in it, some plastic cutting knives that you use at bbq's and such, a drill (not shown), scissors (not shown), a drill bit big enough for the nail (not shown), a thin nail, and tape (either duct or electrical I used both in my prototype). Optional things to use are a close pin, spray paint, and hot glue. Also in this I did not make another one I just used the one I had so ignore the close pin.
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_pantera_ (author) 2 years ago
It works pretty well as a weapon and for hand to hand combat.
avenger222 years ago
Not bad, not bad