Here is the instructable that I promised to make if my goal was achieved. It is a bit difficult to make due to the fact that it is round and you are drilling on it and it is simple to use.

Step 1: Part One Materials and Moveing Them to Workplace

Gather your materials and take them to your work place. You will need a toilet paper holder (it does not matter if it is metal like mine or if it is plastic) that comes apart into two pieces with a spring in it, some plastic cutting knives that you use at bbq's and such, a drill (not shown), scissors (not shown), a drill bit big enough for the nail (not shown), a thin nail, and tape (either duct or electrical I used both in my prototype). Optional things to use are a close pin, spray paint, and hot glue. Also in this I did not make another one I just used the one I had so ignore the close pin.
It works pretty well as a weapon and for hand to hand combat.
Not bad, not bad

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