Airtight Seal for Plastic Bagged Foods Using an Old Water Bottle





Introduction: Airtight Seal for Plastic Bagged Foods Using an Old Water Bottle

this is a great way to seal up bagged food frozen or not and keep them fresh also makes it very easy to pour out and when the food is all done you can reuse the seal over and over again

Step 1: You Need a Pair of Scissors and a Empty Water Bottle With the Top

You can also use an empty soda bottle depending on how large the item is you want to seal up

Step 2: Cut the Water Bottle in Half

Step 3: Get the Bag You Would Like to Seal Up

It can be rice vegetables in this case I'm using powdered sugar there is all kinds of things around the kitchen you want to seal up

Step 4: Place the Top Part of the Water Bottle That You Cut on the Bag As Pictured

Step 5: Now Screw the Top Back on the Water Bottle and You're All Set



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    Fracking genius and so simple.

    Better yet flame the edge to make it smoother!

    try using sports drink bottles, they have wider mouth openings

    I love this idea. We are foodsaver people but this is a great idea for items which will be used frequently rather than long term storage. Thanks so much!

    Thank you it works so great with my rice so easy to pour out instead of pouring it out from just the bag

    for dried rice beans or anything that is dustless, just fill a dried plastic bottle completely with no bag. Wide mouth sports drink bottles are nice.

    just a thought

    very nice how IU missed this I will never know, I will add a ring of duct tape on the =cut edge of the plastic will help preventing the bottle from slashing the bag.

    Great idea and excellent instructable! I want to see more, you've got some really smart ideas.

    Nice Trick

    Ikea (in the Netherlands) sells a set of clips that seals bags. They only cost about 1 euro for ±20 in different sizes.They are called twixit

    And if you want to pour without removing it: