Step 12: Grooving on the Tablesaw

Here's how I cut those grooves on my nomad tablesaw.
I put the fence at an angle so the blade intersected the wood making a cylindrical cut.
I wore goggles, gas mask, hearing protectors, and was very cautious.
There is nothing safe about this operation.
I carved those grooves, made a lot of sawdust, didn't cut my fingers off, and was glad to be done.
<p>Do the apet get lashed to the hull, or is it just the kie?</p>
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The way you join the outrigger to the float using the buttons and innertube is just genious.&nbsp;
This is a great series. I'm really looking forward to the sailmaking chapter, my canoe is just at the stage of rigging.
Great job once again!

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