Akc Knex Tubular/horizontal Mag Gun Plus Instructions





Introduction: Akc Knex Tubular/horizontal Mag Gun Plus Instructions

Here it is the awesome knex combo (akc) gun a tubular mag knex sniper/assault rifle combo

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I would love if someone made this and tested it because I am literally out of rubber bands please post if u will build it and results In comments

I reposted with an update and some mods and a fix of two

Step 1: Handle

Rather self explanatory

Step 2: Forgrip

Easy forgrip that fits into the under barrel rail

Step 3: Stock

Easy just pay attention though

Make times two sides

Note rubber band

Step 4: Innards and Frame

Easy mech

Note I know I left a broken rod and a missing rod towards the end that makes it easier to just strip out the parts for when it jams which is rarely

Step 5: Frame Other Side

Note u do not need to double the mech this is just showing you the other frame

Step 6: Other Important Stuff

The mag pusher and ram rod

Check out how to build the scope in my other instructable on the kv-1 sniper

Ammo a grey connected with a green rod

Step 7: More Stuff

Ok a lot of credit to red for inspiring this weapon

Meant to be piece conservative but more layers should and can be added just remember to give credit



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    Is the cut rod actually needed

    Ideas thoughts opinions ect welcome just don't forget to subscribe for more

    Red is gonna kill me for what I did to his pretty pistol

    LOL, I am not sure if Red would realize it was his pistol in the first place.

    Anyway, good job the instructions! Just a hint, perhaps on your next instructions have a list of all the parts that you need to build it, so that folks will know if they have enough, and they will be able to gather all the parts needed.

    As I said, good job!