Akc (awesome Knex Combo) Gun


Introduction: Akc (awesome Knex Combo) Gun

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Should I post??

Thanks for the inspiration by red book of westmarch and corgi critter (for telling me some important stuff) but finally here it is

A knex tubular mag knex assault rifle/sniper rifle combo

As always I am trying to be piece conservative and make the build easier for people with limited supplies

Here it is the akc

I kind of like this gun it is pretty and functional

It has curves like riannah



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    I see a lot of improvement from your first post till now. My advise is, try and get off the piece efficient idea. 70% of people who look at knex guns normally have quite a bit of knex or none at all and are just looking around at what people have built. Try and fill up the gun a bit, like not having gaping holes in the side of the gun and handle. A lot of people like 5 layer guns and a 6th layer around that over the blue rods to give it that clean look. Improve these small things and you will have a great quality gun. Then there's those small things like blocking the pin farther back and having comfy handles. Another huge thing is, building other people's guns every once in a while. You never know, you might Learn something. I know I did.

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    I have always liked piece efficient guns, when I started building I did not have lots of knex. Sure, I agree with the things you said about five layers and stuff, but this is a three layer horizontal magazine rifle, something you sure don't see very often. It is unique and interesting, and I doubt that many new builders have accomplished it. Oh well, you have been building longer then me, and I won't keep trying to argue against what you are saying. :)

    I have the feeling that this guy will eventually build some higher quality stuff, as he seems to have quite a bit of skill and time to build. Also, unlike many new builders, he has continued to build for a while, and progressed rapidly.

    I only do it because I don't have enough pieces for a five or six layer gun

    Good job, you should post it! The front grip looks very comfy and you did quite well on keeping it piece efficient. You are getting better with knex.

    I don't know if you have noticed, but I have subscribed.

    Tell me comments hints info and other awesome stuff like that