Step 11: Assembly

Check all your electronics! By now you're probably intimately familiar with the project, and understand how to assemble it. Nevertheless, we've got to do what we've got to do. Glue the bed onto the floor (wood glue). Glue the cabinet to the floor (wood glue). Glue the floor onto the base (we used hot glue). Glue....no, wait! You're done! After everything has set, be sure to just sit back and watch your man try to fall back asleep. Videos of our finished product are shown here. 
Hi, Your project inspired me to make a few weather toys with moving arms. Check out Ms Robot and Pierre the Gendarme on my Instructable Weather Robot. I like electronics, but didn't use any here. It's in gadgets.
it is a nice idea but not for everyone is so easy
This is really something I really need. Wish there were some on sale... Thank you!
Very nice!
That is really cool! I love the detail you've added to the bedroom.
nice project :D

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