For all you sleepyheads out there, alarm clocks are some of the most important chunks of plastic there are.

Luckily for us, they're very easy to mod, and you can do lots of creative thigs with them. Here's some hacks that can make them easier, funner, and more functional.

Safety Alarm Clock
I often find getting out of bed in the morning a bit tricky. When i have somewhere to be at a certain time, i get up pretty reliable. However when I want to get up it always seems that I manage to turn off my alarm clock before fully waking up. Put it on the other side of the room? Multiple alarm…
posted by dylan2106 on Jan 15, 2009
Cyberpunk Clock style
Take an old yard sale-bound clock (or, in my case, an alarm clock I abused one too many times) and make it look...neat. It's also a good way to learn about digital electronics, and it gives people the...
Phaser Blasted Alarm Clock! style
Tired of waking up to that annoying alarm clock that just won't stop? Silence it with this modified classic Sega Light Phaser. "Make my day!" This is a modified version of the Gun Operated Alarm Clock...
Simple Magnetic Alarm style
Wary of intruders in the night? Don't feel secure knowing that there are expert lockpickers prowling the neighborhood? Perhaps you live in an apartment and you don't trust the landlord because he seem...
Make A Cardboard Clock style
I hated my old projection zellers (equivalent to american wal-mart) bought clock. And the porjector stopped working so i turffed it. Later I bought a clockless Altec Lansing In Motion ipod dock and us...
Alarm Clock Loudener style
A reliable (modified) alarm clock that will wake the dead. I put this together after having several wind-up alarms break on me. It's basically an electronic alarm clock modified to trigger an alarm ...
Mp3 Player Dock Speakers/Charger/alarm clock style
I wanted a dock that could do everything for my Creative Zen Vision M 30 gb. So I decided to make one. This instructable shows you how to make speakers for any headphone jacked thing. So its not just ...
A Lego Clock Case style
How to rebuild a digital clock into a Lego case. I did this because the current kitchen clock needs a new battery & as a consequence, is always showing cowboy-time. I needed a new one, that plugs into...
The Sunshine Alarm style
Not to be confused with the biological warfare whistleblower's group, the Sunshine Project. This is an alarm clock that wakes you up with light!All Electronics was selling a whole pile of 125VAC swit...
Mp3 Computer Alarm Clock style
Use an old or current computer to wake you up to your favorite tunes using only free software. Note that this has only been tested on an XP machine....Vista users can try this but it might not work
iTunes Alarm Clock style
I'm a deep sleeper and I can learn to sleep through any alarm that just beeps, so I wanted wake up to my music instead - dynamic, melodic, pleasant, and I can change it every day. Since all my favori...