Step 1: Get Ready

Picture of Get Ready
you will need:

- a record cover (bonus points if you find a x-mas one)
- scissors
- clear packing tape
- pencil
- ruler
- the thing you want to put in the box

Step 2: Cut the Cover

Picture of Cut the Cover
Cut the cover along the edge, so now you have 2 squares.

Step 3: Size it Up

Picture of Size it Up
Decide how big you want your box to be. I wanted mine to be big enough for this super awesome book that I'm going to give as a present.

I'm making the bottom of the box 1st.
Position the book on the cover where you want it, and trace.

Step 4: Make a Border

Now decide how tall you want the box to be. I wanted mine to be 1" tall. Draw a border 1" around your existing lines. Then cut out along the border.

Step 5: Cut and Fold

Picture of Cut and Fold
Now make 4 small cuts. (see picture)
Then fold up the walls of your box, tucking the tabs you just cut inside.

Step 6: Tape

Now tape the box together.
Put a piece of tape on the corner, and cut on the corners of the tape. Fold the tape down, and it makes a nice neat corner.
This is definitely one of those instructables that I smack my forehead over. I've made boxes like this before, but I'd never thought to make them out of LP covers. Nicely done!

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