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You will need 1. 12oz soda bottle 2.knife or scissors 3.rubbing alchohol ( preferably 90%) 4. A lighter 5. Common sense

Step 1:

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Get a regular 12oz bottle of soda, poke a medium sized hole in the lid.

Step 2:

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Get some rubbing alcohol. 90% works the best

Step 3:

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Pour only a tiny bit into the bottle ( too much will weigh the bottle down)

Step 4:

Put the cap on, and gently stir around for. 4-5 minutes

Step 5:

Grab a lighter, head outside, put the rocket in a slanted position, and put the lighter near the hole you made in the cap

Step 6:

If you did everything right, the bottle will launch, but watch out because rubbing alcohol will come flying out of the hole, and sometimes it catches fire.

Step 7:

If you get burned or hurt someone, it is not my fault. Don't be a dumbass


cmadsen5 (author)2015-01-31

step 7 is awesome!

eshan.wells (author)cmadsen52015-02-05

Real words of wisdom there. "Don't be a dumbass"

Y'know, just in case we forget

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