Introduction: Alcohol Rocket

A rocket easy making with:

1. Bottle (1.5Lit)

2. Cable with tungsten wire

3. Power supply (24VDC 1A)

4. Alcohol 90 degree

5. 15 minutes for repare

Let's start.

Step 1: Make Body of Rocket

Picture of Make Body of Rocket

Using Cocacola bottle (big one = 1.5Lit)

Make a hole at cap

Step 2: Make Fire for Rocket

Picture of Make Fire for Rocket

Using tungsten for making fire

(Tungsten can be found at broken soldering iron)

Put 24VDC (1A) at cable -> fire will come

Step 3: Lauch Rocket

Using alcohol 90 degree (you can find it on Medical store), drop some alcohol to bottle, close cap, put tungsten cable to bottle

There you go, close circuit 24VDC for tungsten, rocket will run as on Video.


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