This is a DIY alcohol stove. i made one and it is on my account but this one is a lot better! Sorry for the picture quality. my parents wont let me use/ get metal shavings in the house!

Step 1: Items Needed

These items are needed only to make the stove. the items needed to light the stove are in a differant step!
can i have a link to the stand???
One small caveat to this design.. I noticed you have the top section outside the inner section.. Most designs have it opposite for a reason.. the bottom section on the outside, makes less chance of spillage, like putting a larger pan under a dish you don't know if it's microwave safe. (and the unknown dish melts.).. I see you have the same ideas as I have, of using a single can.. Mine, I only score out the center section of the top (around the pull-tab) so it leaves a "^" around the top to hold a 'catalyst strip' (a remaining piece of the can side running from the top to the bottom of the stove element) to carry heat down from the top, to keep the fuel boiling.
especially when i re-looked at the picture.. I noticed a small indentation to the bottom section, just to the left of the "D" of "Dr.". this is a point where fuel can escape, and if not contained, can really ruin the whole cooking experience.
how long does this take to boil a quart of water?
depends on the size of the pot being boiled. (or the amount of water.) ... And ambient temp, and wind have their hands in the mix as well.. I've had a quart (32 Oz., 946.353mL) boiling in 4-5 minutes, depending how far the pot was from the burner element. so 2 Oz. of alcohol will bring a whole quart of water to boil before it burns itself up in that time.
i haven't used these in a while so i am unsure how long it would take.
hey do you know how to make any easyer one because im young and dont have all that equiment please
what about useing a sodering iron <br>
Sodering doesn't work on aluminum
can i have the link <br>
its just 3 coat hangers bent and fastened together...
yup i used a can opener and it is way esier
THX dude it was amazing i upgradet it litle
if you put some holes at the side you can set the pot on top and cook away!<br>no need for pot holders<br>
&nbsp;how did you make the holes in the can lid things (step 12)<br /> <br /> if u did it wid a drill,<br /> <br /> are there any other ways<br /> <br /> thanks<br /> <br />
&nbsp;ya a drill with a small bit&nbsp;
How is this different from the bunch already on the site?
find me one exactally like it. there are none just like that!
I'll give you that, there are none exactly like it. There's just a lot of Alcohol Stoves made from Soda Cans already on the site. What makes yours unique?
While I agree that there are plenty of stoves from cans on instructables, I&nbsp; also think variety is good, it's like all the phone cases and&nbsp; stuff. Some are genius, some, well not so much. So if someone posted a terrible instructable of something and following the rule of only posting one of each category you would just have to live with how bad the instructable is.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> No harsh feelings.<br /> GS.<br />
The coolness of it
umm gas and paper towles works also
HELL NO! Gasoline will EXPLODE! Do NOT use it! Unless you don't like your limbs. I sure like mine.
Have you tried it. I have. I used white gas, preheated like you would alcohol, and lit it. Works just fine - but definitely makes it an outdoor-use-only stove
that my friend is called a molotov coctail. just sayin'
Im somewhat sure that a can opener takes off the top nicely. I havent tried it but ive seen it done a few different times.
can openers work great, but sometimes they can chomp up your can. do it first before, or you may wreck your work.
Pretty cool stove. i make some of these and thought you might find them unique. My website is www.keyholestoves.com. Did you really get 20 ml of fuel to burn for 30 minutes? that sounds extremely impressive. the best I have got is 6-9 minutes from that much fuel.
i also just checked out your website. you have some pretty cool stoves! mine are just like 2$ crappie stoves that work nicely but yours looks good and arnt made of soda cans..
Ya I'm not lying..i would make a vid. but you know it would be kinda long and couldn't upload to youtube or anything. ya its a nice stove though. i also have another instructable on a jet stove if you wanted to check it out. Thanks for the good comment though!
This isn't really fuel efficient though. The alcohol will burn out more quickly than the regular can stove that uses the jet stove technique (like hoe a real stove is).
Actually, the fuel conserved really well. 20ml of fuel burned for 30 minutes. I made a jet stove how to a few hrs ago, I will post it here and on YouTube tomorrow. Please come back and see it!

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