video Alcohol Torch - Build Your Own
This is a very simple to build torch. It is fueled by denatured alcohol and only requires just a few materials. 

The only materials I used are:
Plastic Bottle
Wood Glue applicator tip
Small piece of scrap aluminium
1/8" Brass Tube
Oil Lamp Wick

Most of these materials can be interchanged with something else. For example, you don't have to use a wood glue applicator tip. This can easily be interchanged with something else. It is just what I had laying on my desk at the time. 

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mayday121 year ago
I love the idea! I'll have to try this sometime
TheGeek19842 years ago
Ohh...okay. That makes sense. Thanks!
BackroomWorkdesk (author) 2 years ago
I completely understand what you're saying, TheGeek1984. A torch with an intermittent flame doesn't seem too practical. I do think that this torch though is good for a few things though. For me, it is a tool that I'll just leave on my desk for when I need to heat something simple up. Like when I need to get a paper clip red hot or warm up a piece of plastic for bending. I've heard that they are used in sculpting for warming the material you may be working with (wax for example). Also, the fuel is relatively cheap and easily accessible and the torch doesn't burn the alcohol very fast at all...............So there are a few examples where it can be handy, but if I have to heat something big or get something really hot, I'll be using a standard blow torch.
TheGeek19842 years ago
Awesome! Now, sorry if I sound like an amateur here, but what practical use does this have? I mean, I can see where a torch is useful, but one that has an inconstant flame? Does denatured alcohol burn hotter than other flammable liquids? It's a really cool little torch though.
BackroomWorkdesk (author) 2 years ago
I did actually entertain the idea of including a fan, but I figured with the constant rate of air going thru the bottle that the fume-to-air ratio would be pretty low and not yield a good result. This may be why your torch didn't work too well fozzy13.....
fozzy132 years ago
This is awesome! I attempted to build something that would achieve the same thing. I used a small fan in my version, but it was unsuccessful. Great job!
techhobbit2 years ago
Nice job, I could see that being pretty handy.
Next version: funnel a mini fan into that tube, and a momentary push button switch up by the top, or a foot switch! (...and a battery, or wall wart, of course.)
rimar20002 years ago
Very interesting, thanks for sharing.