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Introduction: Alcohol Torch W/ Household Items

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     My goal for this torch was to keep the cost less than 5 bucks.  You will most likely have all the supplies.  Even though it is very cheap, it burns for around 10 minutes and is hard to put out( I had to use a garden hose).  Also it burns fairly hot and bright.

Step 1: Materials

For this torch you will need:
  -rubbing alcohol
  -cotton balls
  -wire(aprox. 3 ft.)
  - cotton rag(roughly 15"x10")
  -a stick(roughly 2 ft.)

Step 2: Lining the Cotton Balls

  Line three or four cotton balls on each side of the stick.  

Step 3: Wrapping the Cotton Balls

Wrap the rag very tightly around the cotton balls.  Once finished, wrap the entire thing(excluding handle), in wire.

Step 4: Finishing the Torch

  Trim the excess wire then pour the alcohol onto it(or saturate it).  Once it is wet enough, soaked but not dripping, all you have to do is light it!



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    Well, I've never actually tested it, my brother made it, but he's no longer on instructables. The first step says about 10 minutes, so that's what I'd guess.