Alex and Ani: How to Remove Tarnish





Introduction: Alex and Ani: How to Remove Tarnish

Hello! In this instructable I will be showing you how to naturally remove tarnish from an Alex and Ani bracelet. I have made previous instructables explaining how to clean and care for these bracelets, so this is an addition to the collection. In the tutorial I will be demonstrating how to naturally clean your Alex and Ani bracelet for an all-around better and shinier look using everyday items! I got the idea for this because my very first Alex and Ani bracelet was beginning to tarnish badly. I was looking for a solution when I found this one! I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions regarding this process or Alex and Ani bracelets themselves, drop me a comment or tweet me @mclare50. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
A plate
Tarnished Alex and Ani bangle

Step 2:

To start, place your Alex and Ani bracelet on the plate. Squirt the ketchup all over your bracelet.

Step 3:

After you have squirted the ketchup, smear it around with your fingers. Make it a lil messy ;)

Step 4:

Let that sit for 5-10 minutes, depending on how badly it is tarnished. Then rinse the ketchup off

Step 5:

All done!! It took me three rounds of this for some of the deeply tarnished spots, but in the end it worked very well. It makes it look very shiny and new. This is a great solution!



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    Unfortunately, this turned my spacers rose gold, which would be fine if it hadn't turned my "Love" bracelets beads a different color than the yellow "Love." Oh well. What are you going to do? For scientific purposes, let me also disclose that my bracelets became exceptionally tarnished after a day at the amusement park. Whether they turned because of sun damage, the chlorine in the boat ride, or because of a surge in my fight or flight hormones after riding the coasters with my 13-year-old, I'm not sure. But they were a funky brown color to start with.

    1 reply

    Ah! So sorry to hear that. These bracelets are pretty finicky

    Will this work for the silver bracelets as well?

    1 reply

    Trying this now...fingers crossed!!!!!

    Haha~Thanks a lot~>3<

    @sunshiine thanks so much!!!! xx

    @liurunze vinegar would work great because essentially that's what's in ketchup :)

    Try a mixture of salt and white vinegar. These are probably the active ingredients in what you are using.

    Heinz 57 sauce work great on copper, maybe even better than ketchup.

    mmm……It seems that I can try some white vinegar?cuz ketchup in China are quite expensive,and white vinegar are commonly used in China.

    (Why there's a question mark in my reply?)

    Oh……that's my mistake……?

    @Liurunze- toothpaste would work great for tarnished sterling silver, but this is base metal. Therefore, toothpaste would not work

    Actually,rub the surface with toothpaste may do better work. (Please forgive my poor English, I'm from China.)

    I remember from many years ago (before the internet) reading about using tomato sauce for cleaning tarnished copper-bottomed saucepans, it worked a treat! Thanks for reminding me. Emma

    Yes that's exactly what it is! Because the ketchup is slightly acidic, it helps remove tarnish.

    Perhaps it's the act of polishing and the vinegar in the ketchup that acts on the tarnish?