The Amazon Echo, I absolutely love it, I finally have the home of the future

But When I want to turn on a ceiling fan, or use any device that uses a RF (Radio Frequency) Remote

its back to the pile sitting on my coffee table in my living room.

I searched high and low for a learning remote for RF, but they do not exist.

so how does the saying go? The impossible just takes a little longer.

Step 1: Finding a Solution

There is a WONDERFUL company called 'adafruit'

Adafruit website and Feather Demo

that makes wearable Arduino modules.

I found them originally when I was working on one of my costumes, well in that time they

have grown into a full fledged DIY paradise with boards, and parts, and gadgets and scripts to

do anything imaginable.

The part I used was a "Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi" board,

its a tiny 1" x 3" board that costs like $17.00

Code and tutorial based on the great open source lib & example code at http://tinkerman.cat/emulate-wemo-device-esp8266/... which is based off of the Python example code by http://tinkerman.cat/emulate-wemo-device-esp8266/...

<p>Great job! one question: how you make 'computer' as weak word to get alexa response?</p>
<p>Bravo, well done!! :)</p>
Well, Thank You!<br><br>:)<br><br>Jonathan

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