I made this skirt as a birthday present for my best friend. I bought her this necklace and decided to make a skirt to match it, with the Cheshire Cat's quote nestled in a grin on the bottom of the skirt. I made it a circle skirt because I love them and they're easy to make, and because I didn't know her waist size, I made a corded drawstring. I kept going with the AiW theme and made the birthday card to look like the doorknob from the Disney version. I'm quite proud of this gift, so I thought I'd post it :]

i to would like to know
I found if you google "circle skirt tutorial" it will explain it very well :)
CUTE :) i love all of it :) could you possibly let me know where you got the pattern for the skirt? it's really cute :D Great Job!

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