Introduction: Alice Busting Out of the White Rabbits House Costume! Not Your Average Alice!

Check the costume I made for Halloween 2008. I love Halloween and making crazy costumes, last year I was the White Witch from Narnia (including hair!) I've also been The Queen of Hearts, Sleeping Beauty and Rainbow Bright, all handmade, so fun!

This year I had the idea to make an Alice costume from Alice in Wonderland/Alice's Adventures in Wonderland BUT when she goes into the White Rabbits house, eats the carrot that says "eat me" and grows really big and busts out of the house!


verbatin01 (author)2011-03-12

very different idea!

Very Keri (author)2008-11-11

Very original! Also my favorite scene from the movie!

jongscx (author)2008-11-10

Very creative...

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