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Introduction: Alice in Wonderland Costume

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Learn how to make your own Alice in Wonderland Costume !



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    Here is my Alice costume from last year (Purim, not Halloween) made out of 2 old costumes and 1 new wig :) (tea party in the middle of our school in the background).
    In the other picture you can see my friends were the Mad Hatter and the Spring Hare.


    Good video, I think it woud be better if you talked and did step by step instead of the music, it would be easier to understand what to do if I was told instead of viewing. Very Cute though!

    you should do a video about how you put on the wig

     Very cute- simple, visual , nice upbeat music--GREAT!

    However one suggestion ( since asked!) Sewers  should never run over pins to sew when using a sewing machine!

    Baste or pull them out as they appear.....saves your needles and the machine wear and tear. 

    Keep up the god work

     Awesome instructable!!! This is what we made from it, the Alice costume to your instructions and the white rabbit in a similar simple way (the jacket was from a thrift store), We made the dress from two blue pillowcases and one white pillowcase (cost 75 euro cents total!) and the white rabbit jumper from a white fleece blanket (1 euro)! Saved us aLOT of money in costumes and we had fun fun fun with them. 

    Thank you!


    Did you know that Alice in Wonderland was originally very bloody and gory?  Yeah, it surprised me too.

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    the happy tree friends of that time?

    it was neither. had some death-jokes, but no real blood or gore... i searched the text to make sure. even the queen of hearts "never beheads nobody -- it's all her fancy."

    (Where is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland bloody or gory?)

    I enjoy the original books very much and when you watch disney's version it's sad how inaccurate everything is.

    you have a boyfriend?

    as the title of the bakground songs says:

    "me estoy enamorando"

    i really love your work and of course you Giannyl !

    spanish mode /

    no se porque sigo escribiendo en ingles

    simplemente me enamore de ti Giannyl

    Saludos desde Chile!!!

    PLEASE tell me who performed that song and the title?  Love the no-language barrier clear instructions, but the song is haunting me!

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    Love it well done, and you're so darn cute too

    Cute as always.

     Nicely done!  Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorites, great job!

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    Hi Doldrum, thanks! I'm glad you like it :)