Learn how to make your own Alice in Wonderland Costume !
Here is my Alice costume from last year (Purim, not Halloween) made out of 2 old costumes and 1 new wig :) (tea party in the middle of our school in the background).<br>In the other picture you can see my friends were the Mad Hatter and the Spring Hare.
Good video, I think it woud be better if you talked and did step by step instead of the music, it would be easier to understand what to do if I was told instead of viewing. Very Cute though!
you should do a video about how you put on the wig
&nbsp;That is a very hot girl lol.
Very Nice
&nbsp;Very cute- simple, visual , nice upbeat music--GREAT!<br /> <br /> However one suggestion ( since asked!) Sewers &nbsp;should never run over pins to sew when using a sewing machine! <br /> <br /> Baste or pull them out as they appear.....saves your needles and the machine wear and tear.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Keep up the god work<br />
&nbsp;Awesome instructable!!! This is what we made from it, the Alice costume to your instructions and the white rabbit in a similar simple way (the jacket was from a thrift store), We made the dress from two blue pillowcases and one white pillowcase (cost 75 euro cents total!) and the white rabbit jumper from a white fleece blanket (1 euro)! Saved us aLOT of money in costumes and we had fun fun fun with them.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Thank you!<br />
Did you know that Alice in Wonderland was originally very bloody and gory?&nbsp; Yeah, it surprised me too.
the happy tree friends of that time?<br />
it was neither. had some death-jokes, but no real blood or gore... i searched the text to make sure. even the queen of hearts &quot;never beheads nobody -- it's all her fancy.&quot;<br />
(Where is <i>Alice's Adventures in Wonderland </i>bloody or gory?)<br />
I enjoy the original books very much and when you watch disney's version it's sad how inaccurate everything is.<br />
you have a boyfriend?<br /> <br /> as the title of the bakground songs says:<br /> <br /> &quot;me estoy enamorando&quot;<br /> <br /> i really love your work and of course you Giannyl !<br /> <br /> spanish mode /<br /> <br /> no se porque sigo escribiendo en ingles<br /> <br /> simplemente me enamore de ti Giannyl<br /> <br /> Saludos desde Chile!!!<br />
PLEASE tell me who performed that song and the title?&nbsp; Love the no-language barrier clear instructions, but the song is haunting me!<br />
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Love it well done, and you're so darn cute too
you are soooooooooo clever!
Cute as always.<br />
&nbsp;Nicely done! &nbsp;Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorites, great job!
Hi Doldrum, thanks! I'm glad you like it :)<br />

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