This instructable will show you how to make an alien abduction lamp.

Step 1: Materials

8" range replacement pans - 3 (2 for the UFO and 1 for cutting pieces from)
smooth sided tapered drinking glass
small glass bowl
medium base light socket
lamp cord with switch
small piece of plywood (about 6"x6")
small alien toy
small abductee (lego man, cow, sheep, etc)
mini cfl lightbulb
green paint
tin snips
file or small grinder (dremel)
tape measure
drill and small bit or hammer and nail
jigsaw or small handsaw
<p>Thank you so much for your informative post. You've definitely inspired my creative juices. I plan on a variation of your design utilizing a plastic model and battery operated led lights and strips. Thanks again!</p>
Any tips for a lightbulb access panel? <br>
Here's mine... I made the alien from homemade Sugru.
<p>This is really great! I'm going to make this. Thanks!</p>
<p>Where can you get the little alien figure? I tried looking online but all I can find are those stupid Toy Story 3 eyed aliens. I want to make this for my mom because she loves the original Little Green Men style Aliens </p>
<p>This isn't the best picture, but mine turned out pretty well. </p>
<p>nice effort 100! Where did you get that alien head ?! It's gloweeee!</p><p>I'm motivated now to attempt making my mothership. </p><p>Get the cows in the barn, Martha! </p>
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/me-again100/" rel="nofollow">me-again100</a> thank you for sharing this with us all. The Hatter here is deinently going to try and make one for myself. :)</p>
Great idea! just made my son one!
Amazing! I love your creativity...it is inspiring to see what you can make with everyday items!
I like this. I think I will use this idea to make a tank for my beta. I have and would suggest a color changing led for the light You can get them in the aquarium aisle
saw a site selling something very akin to this last year but were charging &pound;70!!! this a much cheaper and more inventive alternative, nice work!
very very cool. love it!
A possible addition is some polycarbonate sandwiched between the 2 halves of the saucer. It would glow from the light source giving a little detail around the edge.
Great idea!
Awwww yeah!
very good <br>
Neat project.
Super adorbs. Nice work!
Amazing and so simple! I love that virtually all your elements can be found at the dollar store! Totally clever! :)
Great idea and execution! <br> <br>Now I just need to find a place to put one...
Also might try filling the glass with some kind of resin so I can have my lego guy floating part way up to the UFO!
very very cool! <br>I like it!
This idea is very cool!
Haha cool lamp.
This is hilarious, and awesome. Great work! Thank you so much for sharing your project.

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