New from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation!!

With this cuddly companion in hand your children will no longer be scared when the Alien's invade. 
My daughter is obsessed with the AvP game.  She has beat it at least 20 times and loves to run around the house hissing and trying to run up walls like a Xenomorph.  So for her 8th birthday I made her a plush Alien, and that lead to the idea for a facehugger pillow pet.  But to make it a little more unique I added a egg shaped sleeping bag that could be rolled up and put in the tail.

Step 1: Picking your fabric.

This project takes a small amount of fabric, but the color and style is not something most would have lying around.  I got my supplies at a fabric shop but even they didn't have exactly what I needed.

2 yards of tan/carmel  shaggy minky fabric

1 yard of light tan or white micro fleece

1 yard of white muslin or any light colored thin fabric you have laying around

twin size lightweight batting (for quilts)

1 bag of pillow stuffing

Optional Egg Sleeping Bag

2 yards of black fabric that is at least 60 inches in width.  I used a polyester that was very slippery to work with,  if you aren't confident in your sewing skills I wouldn't suggest it.

2 yards of green fabric, also at least 60 inches in width.  I used a lightweight cotton for this.  It is not quite as soft on the skin as the rest of the fabrics in the project, but it sews very well.

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