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New from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation!!

With this cuddly companion in hand your children will no longer be scared when the Alien's invade. 
My daughter is obsessed with the AvP game.  She has beat it at least 20 times and loves to run around the house hissing and trying to run up walls like a Xenomorph.  So for her 8th birthday I made her a plush Alien, and that lead to the idea for a facehugger pillow pet.  But to make it a little more unique I added a egg shaped sleeping bag that could be rolled up and put in the tail.

Step 1: Picking your fabric.

Picture of Picking your fabric.

This project takes a small amount of fabric, but the color and style is not something most would have lying around.  I got my supplies at a fabric shop but even they didn't have exactly what I needed.

2 yards of tan/carmel  shaggy minky fabric

1 yard of light tan or white micro fleece

1 yard of white muslin or any light colored thin fabric you have laying around

twin size lightweight batting (for quilts)

1 bag of pillow stuffing

Optional Egg Sleeping Bag

2 yards of black fabric that is at least 60 inches in width.  I used a polyester that was very slippery to work with,  if you aren't confident in your sewing skills I wouldn't suggest it.

2 yards of green fabric, also at least 60 inches in width.  I used a lightweight cotton for this.  It is not quite as soft on the skin as the rest of the fabrics in the project, but it sews very well.

facehugger6384 months ago

I am obsessed with Alien and Aliens too, like your daughter. Please make a regular one. I see that everyone who posted kind of wants one. I do too.

facehugger6384 months ago

I would very much like a regular Xenomorph. Please make one soon.

dkéri2 years ago
Hi dear! Your pillow is a bit creepy for me, but otherwise it is well-constructed and wellmade. Congratulation! =) However, my quiestion is the following: Don't you have a tutorial for the "simple" alien? The black one is nicer to me than the facehugger, and my boyfriend would appreciate an alien plushie for sure. Pleease, I wish to make one for him. ^^ I hope that you can help me.:)
AlexLPD2 years ago
Very nice ible, I will make a pillow and I was wondering how to make some details on it. And well this is how :)
jadekikyo3 years ago
Excellent ible! The layering technique is brilliant! Thanks for sharing your creative genius.
rhino4 years ago
I wake up Monday mornin',wishin' I was in my bed.
But I'm sitting in a spaceship with a face hugger sucking on my head.
God knows I don't want to be here and it sure won't be no fun.
When the alien eats it's way out of my tummy and takes off on the run.
Terry_Jim rhino4 years ago
Take this face and hug it.
I ain't usin it no more.
One o these days , the alien spawn
will make my chest a door.
'Used to fly around space for the company,
meeting women by the score,
Take this face and hug it.
I ain't usin it no more.
-Johnny Xcmurggszx, country singer
LOL!!!! You both are hilarious!!!!
Wait... is that tik tok or friday :P (im so stupid)
Now all we need is a headcrab!
M.C. Langer4 years ago
The finalists of the Comic Contests are Alien (pillow) Vs. Predator (helmet). I think this is funny!!! (by the way, amazing job! I'm the Predator's author)
Kaisei13 (author)  M.C. Langer4 years ago
Yes my project is your project's greatest enemy. I love your mask! Good luck to you!
Thanks, my dear enemy!!! The same for you!!! :-)
Kaisei13 (author) 4 years ago
Thank you so much for all your kind words!
So.. do you have an instructable of the Alien Plush toy itself? The facehugger is awesome but would love to know how you did the Alien.
Kaisei13 (author)  amoebarising4 years ago
I will try to get that instructable out in a few weeks or so. I forgot to take pictures when I was making it so I will either have to make another or take it apart and redo it.
That would be magnificent. My 7 and 10 year old kids are obsessed with the AVP game as well. As soon as they saw your instructable they needed one. Not wanted but needed. Look forward to seeing the Alien instructable. Thanks.
Kaisei13 (author)  amoebarising4 years ago
Well since it is needed I will endeavor to get it done quickly. I was also planning on making a removable queen's crest for the plushie as well.
The queens crest would be fantastic!!
pop884 years ago
You are an artist
Mojo_JoJo4 years ago
How bout a blanket with that alien thingy sticking out of ones chest....
Sweet dreams :-D
so cute!!!!!! must make this to go with our collection of "Things that ought not be toys"!!! Thank you for the instructable.
You are a cool mom. I like this.
Kaisei13 (author)  andreiagui4 years ago
Thank you so much!
ekardell4 years ago
Cool! I have an Ikea white fake fur sofa cover that I want to give away. If anyone is interested, you could use it for this. I can cut it into four or six pieces. I just need to get postage.
Jindivik4 years ago
That is one of the best things I have seen on this site. Like the idea a few posts up about the velcro or magnets too.
This is really cool!
Love it! You should add some small velcro buttons on the ends of the arms so they can hold your head for added realisim. I'm sure your daughter would love that.
Kaisei13 (author)  RedneckEngineer4 years ago
Or maybe sewing in rare earth magnets. So you wouldn't get the scratchyness of Velcro.
Yea I thought about the magnets after I posted, figured either way would be good. The magnets would be better than velcro because you wouldn't see them either.
Kaisei13 (author)  RedneckEngineer4 years ago
Thank you! That is an awesome idea!
bahi4 years ago
Hahaha really great
acbatman544 years ago
Another sewing masterpiece!!! Well done! :)
mikeasaurus4 years ago
But, no secret compartment on the underside filled with eggs?
so cuuuuuuuuuute :D
This freaks me out. You get my vote but keep that thing away from me!!! ;-O)
haha nice
splazem4 years ago
This is so awesome.