This is our Alien and PredAlien Wedding Cake topper that was outlawed at our wedding!  I bought two rare and adorable cosbaby toys and built this cake topper, all to find out that my mom wouldn't let me use it in our wedding.  But I switched the cake toppers out during the reception!!

I was walking around in Laughlin, Nevada with my fiance and he said "wow, I'm surprised to see AVPR showing in this town full of old people!  I can't wait to see it!"  And I thought...what the hell is he talking about?  Then I jumped back a decade in my memory and relived the day where my cousins and I saw the Predator move with Schwarzeneggar, and how scared I was.  I had no intention of seeing this movie.  But something motivated me to see it with him.  Now I'm in love with the entire series and hope that they make an AVPR II.  And beyond.  

I really love our cake topper.  :)  We need to take it out of the wedding box and display it.

Step 1: What you need.

Alien/PredAlien/Predator Cosbaby (2)  - You can do this with any Cosbaby character, to totally make an adorable topper.
A top-tier plastic plate for cake decorating.  Or a blank cake topper.
Plastic Arch, cake decorating shop
White and pink tulle.  (mesh fabric)
Top Hat, plastic, cake decorating
Bride and Groom Wine Bottle Clothes
Hot Glue, Hot Glue Gun
Swarovski Crystals
Crepe paper garland
Mini Wired Flowers from Michaels

(The cosbaby duo that we used are VERY sold out right now.  Back when I got them, they were rare, but there was only a few left in stock.  Try checking ebay or low-key shops with nerd things.  They are made by Sideshow Collectibles and there are only a couple places that offer them now, for a hefty price.)

(You can find the rest of this stuff at Michaels, a cake decorating shop in your area, or online.)

Soo cool!
Mostlymade2 years ago
I have both of these and this makes me very, very happy!
I gots the heebee-jeebeez. creepy.
Oh my God this is awesome! So funny.
M.C. Langer4 years ago
I LOVE IT!!!!!! :-) I want them for my wedding!!!!
sbarker24 years ago
Best nerd wedding cake topper ever!
WOW! Serious points to your hubby for finding a unique and cool wife such as yourself. Our wedding was a bit of a rush so we could get orders (Air Force) to the same place or we would of had a Stargate and SG1 man and woman on ours...
this is soooooooo cool
Kristylynn, YOU SCARE ME! ;-O)
You scare me so much that I've decided to follow you. That way I'll always know where you are and you can't sneak up on me!
this is awesome! I am so going to do this when/if I ever get married. I'd probably do something comic-book tho, Hellboy and Liz Sherman maybe? LOL my future mom-in-law is so gonna hate me!
kristylynn84 (author)  ladycroft1084 years ago
the key is to weird-out each other's parents enough beforehand, until they just get used to you as a couple. it's like double-teaming the 'rents LOL.
tchitwood4 years ago
Awesome! Love Alien and Predator, what a great topper!
lpfannen4 years ago
Very innovative and creative idea. Seems like a award winner for a theme cake party, like Halloween maybe. Valentine's Day or Wedding Day...bumps into other mindsets. Sounds like you have a cool mom if she went along with it during your memorable ceremony.

Always enjoy your great ideas -- keep them coming!!!
crapflinger4 years ago
i think it's silly that someone (especially your mom) would "ban" something from YOUR wedding.....it's YOUR wedding, she already had one.
mary candy4 years ago
insane cool ! lol
kristylynn84 (author)  mary candy4 years ago
thank you! :D <3