I had made a Power Loader and an Alien Queen. They would be displayed and featured in an event in Salt Lake City for Halloween. I figured I'd want a costume for the event that I could, you know, actually walk around in. I stayed with the theme and made myself an Alien Warrior.

Step 1: Inspiration and Goals

My initial idea for Halloween this year was to take my Queen and Loader and put them into a makeshift haunted house in the garage, with an Alien Warrior costume (and maybe a facehugger and egg) for additional scares. However, my aunt told me about a fashion stroll event in the city. We contacted the organizers and they liked my work and invited me to bring them up and put them on display. The Warrior would be a great costume to go along with that display, being a great challenge to undertake.

This wasn't completely new territory to me: I had made an Alien costume back in 2007. The results were...less than impressive. It was ambitious for its time, and I did start experimenting with plaster strips for the first time, but ultimately, it was pretty ugly. But, after having made all sorts of creations in recent months, I knew this one had potential to be more respectable. It was refreshing to work on a project on a more manageable scale. Heh.

I wanted this costume to be something I could "easily" get into by myself. I wanted it to have a lot of detail and be very accurate. And, as always, I wanted it to be cheap, quick, and easy. If I could make a full-size Queen, a little drone should be easy, right?

Again, I drew a lot of reference from the movies themselves, the behind the scenes and photo galleries, and hi-res images of statues and replicas. It was fascinating to watch them in the movie frame-by-frame; you can easily see how the costumes are basically body suits with some outer detail on them. But you never see that watching it in normal speed, as they were lit, shot, and edited together so well.

This is what i say
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U should;ve left it unskinned, would look like Aliens cameron style. I like the boning
Another good idea straight from the source material: The feet on the original &quot;Alien&quot; costume worn by Bolaji Badejo, were actually built around a pair of sneakers that fit the actor. I saw this in the book &quot;Giger's Alien&quot; which has a lot of beautifully detailed photos of the creatiure being built. Another wonderful book is the &quot;AVP&quot; book by Tom Woodruff, Jr (who also has performed as the Alien in all the subsequent films) and Alec Gillis, the guys who supervised the creature work.
Having a bit of trouble with the fingers... I started off painting the latex onto my sculpts, did a total of 6 layers latex and 2 layers wood glue. Those ended up super wonky and did not hold their shape at all. I tried stuffing them, but then i lost too much detail. So, i just started covering the clay sculpts again, this time i dipped them in the latex. <br>How many layers or dippings do i need for them to be sort of stiff?<br>I know you don't answer a lot of questions, but if you have the time please do.
im trying to build this costume for halloween (: your tutorial is amazing! and very helpful! i got a question though, and how did you form the head? i dont know how i would form it and make sure its the right porportions and shape help please ):
I'm impressed! I saw your videos on youtube and they are simply amazing. I'm into cheap prop making too, though i'm one step below you since i'm using cardboard and paper mache instead of foam board and plaster. <br>You are very inspiring, and in fact after watching your videos i'm making a predator mask. An Alien costume is sort of nagging into my brain right now, even though i know there won't be any space for the costume when i'm done. <br> <br>The only thing that really baffles me is that no one that iv'e seen has made a digitigrade alien costume. That's basically where the legs have two joints at the knee area. I would probably achieve that with digitigrade stilts. (google it) <br>That would add a whole new perspective. Not only would it make you unh&uacute;manly tall, But you would also move around alot more animal-like. <br>The costume from the original movie didn't actually have the digitigrade legs (You probably already know that) But if you look at the animated scenes in the movies they do. <br>Terribly sorry for ranting... <br>But again, you are a huge inspiration to me and i'm amazed by all you work.
Affordable, comfortable, impressive in it's details and incredibly inventive...kudos man. Awesome work!<br><br>V
This is absolutely awesome. I'm stacking this on my very large list of 'to-do' projects.
Very cool, as usual! I love your use of cheap materials to make high-detail projects. Also, have you ever tried an Underworld Lycan costume?
Ou my <a href="http://mytopor.com">gad! </a>
I really like the use of latex for the &quot;slimy&quot; look. Good job!
Nice! I thought the old costume was pretty ugly too, but this is a nice retake!

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