Step 5: The body

Picture of the body
september 2011 002.JPG
september 2011 005.JPG
september 2011 006.JPG

The body came pretty easy after the head.   Card board plates for the front and back.  More fun noodles for the back horns. I used coat hangers inside the noodles to get them to hold the right shape.  Cereal box cardboard for arm plates horn plates. Lots of hot glue for texture. I cut strips out of the fun noodles for the ribs, a strip of pool hose for the sternum and then covered that with a cut out piece of cardboard.   The ribcage needs Velcro tabs in order to make it  fit securely enough. Shoulder plates are mare out of more cardboard with fun noodle tops,  held on with Velcro strips.  Lots of pool tubing strips on the belly and neck for texture.  Gloves are fake leather with extra thumbs glued to the bottom. Made out of that vinyl coat I bought.  I used that fake leather on the legs also with more hot glue for detail. Oh yes... the tail.  that used to be a stuffed snake. cut cardboard vertebra out and hot glue those suckers on.  By the way.  in order to paint a brightly colored fabric snake black, you must use a LOT of paint.