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Every 7 years our garden hosts an non fictional alien rebirthing sci-fi thriller event. Last time it happened I was still an alogue, so the pics either (a) didn't turn out or (b) weren't taken so as to save film. Nowadays I am soooo modern that I have a whiz bang digital camera and I can take lots and lots of pics and I just delete the ... OK, I'll move on.

I was pretty amazed at natures ability to pack things in tight. Plus, these things were popping out of the ground everywhere. My kids love to collect the empty shells so that I can secretly throw them out later. They won't go anywhere near a live one though.


kpsartip (author)2016-01-01

In Iran the do that every year... and it's said that they live 7 years underground and one day on earth to breed and then die.

HarveyH44 (author)2011-05-16

They are called 'Cicada', we have them in Florida, although our seem to be every year...

Chuck US (author)HarveyH442011-05-16

Thanks Harvey,
Apparantly they have a 7 year cycle from adult to adult. I think that cicadas on a different cycle colonise the same patch and eventually fill in the gaps. Ours seem to come in bursts at the moment.

There are several broods of 2 year cicada, there are also different broods of the other species of cicadas--if memory serves, there are 3 year, 7 year and 13 year species as well.

cammers (author)2011-05-23

Nice pictures Chuck. I've just voted for you in the Garden Contest.

CrystalDesigner (author)2011-05-17

Great pictures Chuck!

mrmath (author)2011-05-17

Awesome Pics!

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