Step 10: The finished article

Picture of The finished article

I have to admit that out of all of the models I've ever made, this is the one that makes me smile the most.  It came out really well and with a decent weathering job will look even better.  In the attached pics it does look a bit factory new!

I will add some video of it in action, but it is a heavy model and only really likes running on smooth surfaces.  The servo for the front wheels had to be substantially beefed up too.

giorjann3 years ago
it's cool
simonhaydn (author) 3 years ago
Both turrets work and the front one is linked to the steering. The top turret doesn't slide down the back though.
I was just thinking about watching Alien tonight, shame I hadn't seen this earlier... I bet you could make a mechanism for the top turret using a loose belt drive from a dead scanner, that's how I'd probably do it anyway. The electric/hand drill drivetrain tipped this project over the edge of 'that's a pretty cool idea' to 'that is absolutely awesome' for me!
tinker2343 years ago
wow wonder if i could scale it up to my action fiqures scale hmm
vov35 tinker2343 years ago
I'd rather scale it up to life-sized.... what would the nieghbours think? :p
tinker234 vov353 years ago
wellcould be a few complaints
jj.inc vov353 years ago
Me too, I wonder if wood would fly or if you would have to do metal just because you have to.
Wood would to heavy, fragile, expensive, and susceptible to the elements. one would want tor make a steel substructure skeleton and use a mixture of cast fiberglass and bent sheet metal
I just found out what I am going to put under it. An old aircraft tug, that's what they used originally.
Put me down for one too! Great for driving to work in! Road rage, what road rage? :)
jj.inc3 years ago
Why are there no moving videos of this, you made it in 2003, the only video is looking it over, I am exited to see the video. Also, wouldn't it be awesome to have the 4 wheel steering from the film?
sithstalker3 years ago
does the turret work
aessam13 years ago
Really amazing
first time i saw it, i thought it was real