Step 16: In action!

Picture of In action!
Ripley dons the loader at our party. Yep, she won the costume contest!
I left off all the hoses so they wouldn't get snagged on anything or anyone.
edavis113 years ago
wow this is so amazing O.O I was just curious if there are any patterns i could look up for the peices or is it a lot of scaling up and such i'm definetley gonna try this even just to go to a convention ^^ Very inspiring thanks for the instructables
girlfriend with a backhoe (Wanted) please send photo of backhoe
cucumber2885 years ago
does it ever mention how much money it would take to build it
sherwoodm475 years ago
that is totally wicked.... like holly crow thats kool. do you have any other costumes like that or ideas? i would like to see you pst your other owns and or ideas.

peace out
Boomshadow6 years ago
Outstanding costume! Loved the instruction set, too. Very clear. How much did everything cost, all told? Would it be cruel to request itemized costs?
I would also like to know the total cost...
codongolev6 years ago
princess leia is looking at her with intense hate... " that costume contest was mine.... I will destroy you...."
ChoseTruc6 years ago
TABARNouche! { French Canadian word meaning: Holy Cow!}
{{ To avoid saying: Holy S**t! Or Holy F**k! }{ That, would be Tabarnak!}}
And the later WAS the WORD i said...Hahaha, in astonishment (0_0) !!!

Very clever of you!!: Sandwiching 1/8" Lauan (used sparingly),
with 2" Styrofoam and 1/2" pink foam insulation, Sintra, and PVC pipping.
To minimize the weight and remain structural stiffness.
. I'll remember that Aylmer. => Oldie Goodie PSA Safety Rules.

My favorite material is FoamCore.
But it's only paper coated, too fragile, and Non Shappable.

I have the same question as ScottSEA = What is the G.C.W. of that contraption?
Your estimate is around 50 pounds. I would have thought more of around 100Lbs...
Because of all that Lauan, + the steel studs, and the 1x3, 1x6, 2x4, and 2x6.

OK. All this written, I have to ADD this as my conclusion:

flaming_pele :=:> You Rock! You Rule!! Man!!!

Satweavers6 years ago
Awsome!!! Did you wear that into a bar and pick a fight with someone? Did you win?
tammasus6 years ago
That is really awesome! I admire your patience.
mjursic6 years ago
Are you a film carp? When I was a carpenter working in film, we did a lot of stuff like that, especially using luaun and 1 by 3s. Just excellent, man. Just excellent.
bir0066 years ago
A-frickn-mazing. Great work (and a lot of it!).
ScottSEA6 years ago
That is a positively fantastic costume. What is the finished weight, if you don't mind me asking?